Britney Spears’ Video Looks Through the Years (PHOTOS)

'Till The World Ends'
Watch Brit's end of the world party.
With the release of her video for “Till the World Ends,” Britney Spears has done it again! Brit is bringing a whole new fashion fad to the forefront — with an edgy, studded leather jacket, tight, multi-colored bodysuits and thigh-high boots, she’s serving apocalyptic realness and looking totally hot! 

As the Celebuzz staffers dissect every move and nuance to the new video, we can’t help but notice how far she’s come style-wise. We’ve watched her mature from a teenage girl into a full-grown woman and mother of two with her own unique dress code. 

Go back through the years in our video replay photo gallery to see Brit’s changing looks! 

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