Celebuzz Interviews the Cast From Comedy Central’s New Show ‘Workaholics’

To get ahead in life, it takes drive, determination and a career focus. Unless you’re on TV. Comedy Central’s new show Workaholics follows three dudes just trying to make it in the business world. In order to be professionals, they must find creative solutions to their problems, like on tonight’s debut episode in which the guys have to pass a drug test at work and realize they only have one choice: bribe middle school kids for clean urine.

Celebuzz talked to series stars (and writers) Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Adam DeVine, who makes stupid an art form.

Can you tell us a little about the show and your role?
Blake: As far as Blake goes, it’s pretty close to real life — just an eccentric weirdo I guess.
Adam: Well, to clear up something, everybody thinks the title’s ironic, and that’s totally not what we were going for.

Oh, you’re not actually slackers?
Anders: No it was a play on work and alcoholics.
Adam: We should have really put a dash in there on something … the show is about that weird time in your life after you graduate college and don’t really know what to do; where you’re just pretending to live like a kid and drink your face off for the next five years or so. My character, Adam, I’m the party starter. We get a 12 pack of beers that were gonna split. While they’re cooking Panini’s and going to the bathroom, I’ll drink 10 of those.

Well, you gotta warm up somehow
Adam: Yes, and then they’ll come back and be mad at me for drinking all the beers and I’m like; well, don’t be a dick about it, we’re sharing! I saved two. He’s the maniac, wild card of the group. Supremely dumb, but very confident. Confidently stupid.

So he’s the fire starter?
Adam: Yes wicked. A wicked fire starter!
Anders: Prodigy, yes.
Adam: Good band, mention Prodigy in this: “They’re huge Prodigy fans, and they kept saying ‘Wicked Fire Starter’ a lot.”

Is it a stretch for you to play this character Adam?
Adam: No, I am really dumb. In fact, I am dumber in real life than I am on the show.

What made you decide to center the show around a telemarketing firm?
Adam: We just saw it as a really funny place to do a show because it’s just so depressing, and everybody that works there is just -
Anders: Either they’re smart people that are not ambitious enough to go get another job, or they’re just really down on their luck, like 45 year olds, mostly dads.
Adam: Some people settle real hard. They just like the sweatpants lifestyle … What’s cool about our show is we’re not slackers; we want to move up and be better. We don’t really know what we’re doing and we still like to party and we try to be good telemarketers; sometimes we suck at it and sometimes we’re good.

You’re ambitious then.
Adam: Yeah we’re ambitious, but we don’t realize how f*ing stupid we are, so we’re not going to go anywhere else, but we’d love to though.

So, it’s less of a situation where you’re trying to get out of work and just a situation where you’re too stupid to be good at it.
Anders: Yeah, well we’re dreamers. We’re not mad at our parents or, like, society.

Have you ever had a telemarketing job, or something equally depressing? 
Adam: Well, for me and Ders actually, this sort of comes from our lives’ a little bit because we’ve both done telemarketing.
Blake: I worked in a butcher shop for a little bit, but that was actually a very radical of a job. It was just dudes making inappropriate jokes and cleaning up blood. I’m a fan of all that. It was intense. I never had the honor of having a telemarketing job, but it seems like I may have missed out on something pretty special. I think I would be absolutely terrible at being a telemarketer because as soon as people are like, “no, I don’t want it” I’d be like, “ok, you got it, bye-ee.” I give up really easy when it comes to selling people stuff. Thank goodness for all these guys, otherwise we never would have got the show.

Watch Workaholics tonight on Comedy Central.

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