'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Italian Getaway Delayed!

Diehard Jersey Shore fans will have to wait a little longer to see their favorite guidos and guidettes take on the "motherland."

Radar Online reports that filming on the fourth season of the hit MTV reality show has been put on hold for about a month. The big question is -- why?Money! The Jersey Shore crew is one of the most lucrative MTV franchises to emerge in quite some time, and all the cast members are hoping for bigger paychecks.

Radar reports that they have not signed their contracts and until they sign on the dotted line, production can't begin. Also, Radar learned that the crew's home base while shooting in Italy will be Florence, with production originally scheduled to being on April 18.

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  • saaa07

    i find this show starting to get annoying

  • Ririr

    Couldn´t agree more ...

  • Gabby

    Not bummed. It's just a month. MTV should give them a raise and be done with it. It's the only show on that pathetic channel that people actually watch.


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