Katy Perry Saved Russell Brand’s Life

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Russell Brand Goes Wild
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Katy's 'Purr'fect Cleavage
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Katy Perry can add life saver to her growing list of accomplishments.

In a new interview with USA Today, former bad boy Russell Brand says that despite what people assume he really is “very happily married.”

Why, exactly, would people be doubting Katy’s ability to make him settle down?

If any of you have read Russell’s Booky Wook you know what kind of troubles, girls and drugs he used to get into. In fact, in 2006 The Sun names Brand “Shagger of the Year.” But now? Russell is tamed and couldn’t be happier!

“I love it,” Brand says about being married to Perry. “It’s such an emotional storm. It’s such an incredible intervention in my life. Since then, it’s been remarkably normal and real and gentle and loving. That’s why this film is so pertinent to me at this time. It made it easy for me to accept I could meet someone and change my objectives.”

In Russell’s new flick Arthur he plays a boozing playboy who eventually finds the right girl. “I’m such a thorough actor that I did two decades of research just to make sure it was 100% right.”

Well, we’re sure he and Katy are 100% right! Since they are both constantly working, Russell says they plan dates months in advance and stick to it. Any suggestions Celebuzz readers what their next one should be?