Selena Gomez Belts Out 'Who Says' on 'DWTS' (PHOTOS)

Teen sensation Selena Gomez stopped by Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show and was looking particularly adorable in a red Irina Shabayeva frock.

As the 18-year-old belted out the song with her band The Scene, professionals Mark Ballas and Chelsie Hightower hyped up the crowd even more with a little dance number.Check out a video of Selena and the Scene's performance below!


Also, check out more photos of Selena's performance in the gallery!

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  • taketwo

    I don't who you are or care to know. You're at the wrong place to vent your anger at her. Have you met or know her personally? I don't think so or else you wouldn't be here.Sounds as if you've got personal issues.You need help desperately. You need to see a psychiatrist to resolve your issues not here where her fans are at. Please seek help ASAP!

  • Amanda

    you is beautiful Selena Your dress is beautiful!

  • Ashley

    What did Selena do to ur BFF??

  • SelEnAfaN

    No one gives a fuck, includin her..... she dont knw u or ur best friens soo get a life and move on. we aint goin ask u wat hpnd coz we dnt give a fuck

  • SelEnAfaN

    YEah!! u did.... yo comment was rude... keep your mean inner thoughts to urself.... if u dont like her then stop searchin her!!

  • lexilove


  • lexilove

    i will NOT stop hating on selena! people dont kno wat she did to my bff and they will never kno i will hate her for the rest of my life XD fxck u selena

  • rainbowpanda

    i love this song who says <3<3<3<3<3 sooo stop hating on selena

  • SelEnAfaN

    You are soo fucked up.... if you do not like her... who the hell asked u 2 go on this link ......... u r probably some sad ugly loser that has no life..... so go around critizing her.... if u think she is to shit... y r u not up their singing then... am sorry but what u said pissed me off...... U have 2 remember that she is a human 2 and reads these comments..... she wuldnt like it

  • lexilove

    i cant tell what happened thats why i said its personal k? i really hate her btw do u? and i will always hate her for the rest of my life XD

  • Anon

    It's so incredibly funny that you criticize her when a video of this particular song is included. But I am curious as to why her attitude is "personal".

  • Fanny

    She's A little pitchy but she's my girl :-)

  • Adam C. Sieracki
    Adam C. Sieracki

    She has quite a pair of legs and, unlike so many of her contemporaries, Selena actually SINGS, rather than lip-synching her way through performances.

  • lexilove

    i absolutely hate selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first of all shes mean and im not telling why cuz its personal, shes not even that pretty, she thinks shes better than everyone else, and she cannot sing for nuthin. especially live XD gosh i wish she would just get out of the spotlight or the earth if she could omgomgomg