A Grown-Up Abigail Breslin Films ‘New Year’s Eve’ (PHOTOS)

A beautiful and almost-adult actress was seen in New York City filming New Year’s Eve on Thursday … wait a minute, that’s Abigail Breslin!

Yes, the girl who stole your heart as the adorably awkward tot in Little Miss Sunshine just a few years ago has grown into a gorgeous teenage actress. While she’s just 14 years old (and will be turning 15 on April 14), she has almost zero resemblance to the lanky character that made her famous. Rocking a pink bicycle helmet and green gloves, Abigail’s confident smile show’s she’s ready to make the transition from kid star to serious actress.

Eve is the next spin-off from the popular mega-cast Valentine’s Day film. Everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Jessica Biel to Zac Efron are in the cast, and there’s dozens more big-named actors rounding out the film.

Don’t remember Little Miss Sunshine, or maybe for some reason missed it? Relive the awesomeness: