Carrie Underwood Vents About Husband’s Hoarding Tendencies

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Who would have thought that a trip to Ellen would have served as a bit of a couples therapy platform for country superstar Carrie Underwood?

The blonde beauty sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday (the episode will air Thursday) to discuss all of the recent big and great things in her life, from music to marriage. Quickly though, the conversation took a turn into Underwood pointing out a habit of her husband Mike Fisher that she’s had trouble adjusting to: He’s a borderline hoarder.

Underwood told Ellen that after Fisher — a pro hockey player — was traded to Nashville, he moved in with Underwood, and that’s when things went downhill:

“He came and he brought all of his crap with him. Our house became…he’s not a hoarder but he’s close, maybe …  He’s like babe, I need more space in the closet and my heart just sinks … He’ll keep like shirts and stuff and I’ll go through it. You online shop, you go shopping. He loves to shop.  He’s going to kill me.  He has stuff come in and I’m like it’s not going out fast enough.  If you bring stuff in and stuff needs to go out.  Do we need this shirt? It has a giant stain on the sleeve. Are we going to wear this again? No, then do something with it.  It’s still hanging up there.”

Perhaps putting the pet peeve on national television will make Mr. Fisher change his ways?