Demi Lovato’s Big Comeback to Happen on ‘X Factor’?

Where Simon Cowell goes, big things happen, and the first performance from Demi Lovato since entering treatment last year might happen when his sure-to-be-a-hit show X Factor debuts soon.

There have been inklings about the possibility of Demi making an appearance on the show at some point, but now Hollywood Life reports that Miss Lovato might actually perform on the Fox show. One source says that the likelihood of Demi rocking out in a performance on X Factor is “high,” but another show insider tells the site that it would likely only be a one-off song session, and not a judging gig that had been rumored.

“She has, in fact, had meetings concerning the matter, but chances are very slim that she would be joining the cast as a judge,” the source told HollywoodLife.

The judging whirlwind has gone on for months with Factor, and everyone from Cheryl Cole to Taylor Momsen has been named as a possible contender. When Celebuzz spoke to Cowell in March, here’s what he had to offer about the search: “All I’ll say is this — we’ve met with all of them [Nicki Minaj, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole] but there are a lot of things that factor into it: contracts, scheduling, chemistry, it’s not just my decision.”