Exclusive: Who Is Chris Evans Really Dating?

Chris, Ashley, Dianna Triangle?
Ashley Greene Dating Chris Evans?
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Captain America is quite the wanted man! Chris Evans was seen flirting with Glee star Dianna Agron back during Oscar weekend and most recently he was seen dancing up a storm with Twilight star Ashley Greene in Hollywood.

According to In Touch, Dianna and Chris are "casually dating." The magazine reports: "[Chris] and his friends like to joke that as long as she stays on the show, the family will welcome her with open arms!"

Well, In Touch got part of this right. Here is what sources close to Chris tell Celebuzz about the hunk's dating status:

"Chris is single," insists our insider. "He and Dianna have hung out a few times, but they certainly are not exclusive."

We think that qualifies as "dating" to normal people, but to most tabloids dating means marriage. As for the nonsense it's because of Agron's hit show, our source says Chris isn't looking to capitalize off of her.

"It isn't because [Dianna] is on Glee. Chris is a really good guy he wouldn't use someone for their fame, as if he even needed to."

As if we even believed that! So who do you all think the gorgeous Captain America star should date? Dianna? Ashley? Or should he just enjoy being single? Vote in the comment section!



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  • Annaliese

    I honestly think he should date neither.. I mean I heard Dianna is a whiny bitch and Ashley Greene.. I never really liked her acting-wise. To be honest.. I think he should date Scarlett Johansson. They would be cute. Plus, they have history together! (They've worked on 3 movies together) And the baby would be gorgeous.

  • charity

    Yes and do what makes you happiest and don't settle. I have settled too many times. I have had a good and blessed life so far though and am thankful for what god has given me. God says don't worry he will take care of you if you let him lead, guide, guard, and direct you so don't sit around worrying about life and love. It will all fall in to place at the right time in your life. you seem like a guy worth being with and making sacrifices for if your truly a good guy and it will all be worth the wait. May god always truly bless you always and forever. Keep up the good work in the acting career. with love,charity braddock

  • charity

    I so agree with katie! Enjoy your life and get out and mingle a little when you have down time and stay focused on what you truly need and want for your future. It will happen at the right time. If god wants you to have a wife he will put one there when the time is right don't force it to be their just have patience. You could always date me i'm single and ready to mingle. Good luck with everything. Take care and god bless, charity braddock

  • katie

    chris the right one will come along. it just takes time. trust me ive waiting for mine. just look in different places than hollywood/ CA. anyways a lot of actresses could be using you to increase there fame, so watch out. good luck with life and the new movie which i cant wait to see the avengers!...

  • Faith

    Chris you can stay focus and have fun. Whatever and whomever you decide to be with is of course your choice. Please dont settle reach higher and call me later lol! Just kidding (smile).

  • rose

    he should dating Me

  • kyuubi

    If Captain America is as good as his Fantastic Four films, he better find someone famous to date