Love the Look: Glittery Gold Eyeshadow for Spring

Love the Look!
Blair Fowler at 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure' Premiere
Forget about black cat-eye eyeliner, the hot make-up look for this season is all about glittering golds.

Seen here on YouTube beauty guru Blair Fowler at the premiere of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure in West Hollywood, a gold eyeshadow can brighten up eyes (which makes it especially flattering for those brown-eyed girls) and can add a fun dimension to a make-up look based on neutrals.

How can you make golds work for you?

For a fancy look, swipe some gold eyeshadow under your lower lashes in lieu of black eyeliner. If you want a really subtle look, place some gold eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes to highlight and brighten your peepers. Word of warning: Be sure to find the gold that works best for you – fair-skinned and blonde gals may want to stick to golds with a cooler undertone while olive-skinned make-up lovers should highlight their skin tone with warm golds.

If you really love Blair's make-up look, check out one of her videos below – she's a serious guilty pleasure here at Celebuzz!


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  • Kay

    Seriously, give up wasting your time "hating"!! I think they are great on youtube and I love their videos. Ok, so they get paid to review make-up. If someone gave me that opportunity I would take it. They are famous for their hits on videos; millions of views for each one. Besides, it is very common for beauty gurus to get sent free products/sponsered. Try and find a successful youtuber who has never been offered anything free!!

  • Eliza

    If you have to explain who someone is....they're not famous.

  • Taylor

    WOW.......way to be very immature. Grow the fuck up.

  • Jennifer

    Guys, shes possibly gonna be having her own show soon thats why shes been getting treated like an actual celeb not to mention the half a million subscribers on youtube and shes in a movie although its just a small line it can still make you VERY popular!

  • Layla

    a youtube celebrity is very different from an actual celebrity. If someone who doesnt know her from youtube saw her in the street i doubt anyone would be like" omg!!sdfksjfklsj youre blair fowler!" no they just see her as any other girl. Shes a youtube celebrity who will always be JUST a youtube celebrity. Nothing more. and plus in the US there is roughly 300 million people. If blairs subscribers are half a million and she has subscribers from all over the world. than that 500,000 is nothing. But on youtube that means something but not in real life. Blair has no talent, you might think her personality is wonderful but she has no real talent.

  • tildymay

    The fact that all these "haters" know who she is in the first place makes her a celebrity. Half a million subscribers makes you a celebrity.

  • Lauren


  • Danielle

    I didnt know scamming young kids was considered a talent.. She has no talent to be honest. Her makeup skills are average and nothing she has ever said on youtube hasnt been said before by someone else. Just because someone can afford hundreds of dollars of makeup, or hundreds or dollars of clothing does not mean that they deserve to be treated like a celebrity. She does not use any products she sponsers. Shes a talking billboard. Shes a Joke.

  • Taylor

    Oh really, because I am sure that you can't prove that 90% of the site is the truth. I am pretty sure you're the brainwashed one if you actually believe that It is called a gossip site for a reason.

  • Lauren


  • Lauren


  • Lauren

    "She’s very well loved in the youtube community." LOL Funny thing is all the gurus on youtube are going on guru gossip and telling everyone stuff about elle and blair. Do you have any idea how many gurus have flipped her off on twitter? Where have you been this whole time? Under a rock? Mhmmm?

  • Lauren

    B*TCH PLUH-SE. Making videos on youtube does not make you better than everyone else in the world. *Making it high in life* as you so said, is when you become a lawyer or a doctor, when you actually get an education. Not "OMG YOU GUISE I JUST BOUGHT A MAC EYESHADOW, I'M THUPER SMART YOU GUISE!" And what makes you think that youtube is solely restricted for Elle and Blair. Anyone can go on youtube and get popular. Anyone. Your stupidity amazes me little girl. Now run along to mommy and go back to school.

  • Lauren

    10% of the site is gossip 90% of the site is the TRUTH. Clearly you haven't been on the site, cause if you have you would have opened your eyes by now. *naive, brainwashed little girl right here!*

  • Bridget

    I think she look's very pretty. Saying rude thing's about her won't make you a better person.

  • Taylor

    Key word....... "gossip" why would anyone believe anything on that site...

  • christine

    she's so annoying. honestly, i cannot stand to listen to her in this on earth is she "famous?" and a youtube beauty guru? there's nothing working for her...

  • amanda

    a monkey can put on makeup. face it, her makeup skills are mediocre. her looks are nothing spectacular, they've already been done by plenty of other youtube beauty gurus. she has the money, from her parents, to invest in really high quality makeup brushes and experiment with makeup. but hey! i guess we'd all be good at makeup, just like *ahem blair* if companies sent us free products to try, along with a video compensation!

  • hailey

    there are soooooo many other youtube beauty gurus who deserve to be recognized just as well as blair and elle. a lot of people, past subscribers, are beginning to dislike them both--ever since their spontaneous move to LA to hopefully become something "big". i used to watch their videos, and i loved their old videos. lately it seems like each video is sponsored...and whats up with blair receiving free isolaz treatments and then encouraging us that it's something to try? the company is clearly paying her large sums of money.

  • steph

    exactly! her parents are so materialistic, it's disgusting how they let a SEVENTEEN year old have a nose job! SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD PEOPLE. it's a scientific proven fact that your nose and your ears are the only parts of your body that never stop growing, so a nose job is an extremely dumb decision for a seventeen year old who is still growing into their features. her sister "elle" (which by the way, both these girls have officially trademarked their name...!) got a nose job as well, but in all honesty, she's an adult and has the ability to make her own decisions, whereas "blair" is still a child considering her age...her parents are to blame for letting her go through with something like that; influencing and placing wrong values onto a young teenager.

  • isabel

    you all have to stop hating just because she made it higher in life by just using youtube makes you all jealous of her..because you all know you cant do it like she did..

  • ariel

    Why the hate? Maybe Blair isn't a "celebrity" if you're talking Jennifer Aniston or Justin Bieber celebrity status, but she does have A LOT of fans and supporters from what she does. Sure it may seem weird saying "Oh, this girl on youtube who does makeup has fans", but it's true. She's very well loved in the youtube community. Don't hate on someone because they are successful. She's very good at what she does and she deserves to be respected. H.A.T.E.R.S.= Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success Blair, you are amazing! <3

  • Audrey

    So, what, you can't have fun and work at the same time? It always amazes me how wound up some of you get about Blair and Elle. They've created a business for themselves and are successful at it, why is that such an issue for you?

  • madeline

    i totally agree with you! she's not "famous" and if other people say that, what is she actually "famous" for? placing herself on youtube, having her parents consent to have a nose job at the age of 17? what kind of role model is she? inner beauty counts as well. I find it sickening how she gets a book deal (source from AND a reality show deal. Really? it's ridiculous. I thought after people scrutinized her amateur blogs on, everyone would get the hint that she has no talent. Successful people start from the bottom and work their way up, but starting as a spoiled child, going on shopping sprees to "haul" items online, and encourage young girls to buy these products for the benefit of her own, is pathetic.

  • carol

    lmfao. check gurugossip. the truth is proved with facts. some people are sooo naive. yeah she's just "having fun". I guess everyone has an agent when they are just having fun.

  • Lauren

    Attention Blair's loyal subscribers and followers: Visit http:// to find out more

  • Taylor

    Seriously, if you don't like her.... then why are you giving her the time of day by wasting your time posting pointless and mean comments??? It doesn't make any sense to me at all.

  • katie

    She has talent in putting on makeup. Not everyone can put makeup on well. Trust me, i've seen it with my own eyes. And you have no proof of her getting paid for every video. I'm just sick of all the hate that she gets! She is just a girl who was having fun on youtube ... if people sent you free products would you take them, if people offered you money because this is your job, would you take it?

  • Kara

    Justin has talent he is a singer. What does Blair do? She gets paid to advertise random products on youtube...big difference!

  • Marie

    Don't get me wrong, I love Blair and have been watching her for a long time, but the thing that is most disappointing to me is the fact that they are not open and honest to their fans about this new success they have found. Most of her fans have been there from the beginning, so of course this new change from the walls of a hot pink bedroom to the lights of Hollywood is not going to be easy, especially when she's not willing to explain to us what's going on. Everything always has to be so secretive, and they will go on pretending to be "average girls doing makeup," when they have already far exceeded that and are now on a whole new level. Yes, I'm slightly jealous (I wish everyone had those hidden advantages they were given in life), but they worked hard to get where they are, which I admire, I just miss the old Blair.

  • katie

    she was invited to this event because lets face it ... she is a celebrity. What you guys are saying is that Justin Bieber shouldn't be a celebrity because he was found on youtube. Blair and Elle have been picked up for their own show, so yes they are celebrities. don't be jealous.

  • chloe

    if this was someone at your school would you be saying this? NO! Don't be Bullies and mind your own business

  • chloe

    why does it matter so much to you who she is? she looks nice, and that is what this is about...

  • Gabriella

    Fan or Hater?? I don´t care!!! hahahaha but I love that dress :P

  • kelah

    she looks really nice love her makeup all the hate comments need to stop because you don't even know her

  • Mackenzie

    Who does she think she is? She thinks she's so hot..ha ha ha ha

  • rachel

    * sorry they're not their

  • rachel

    *sorry they're

  • rachel

    you are honestly so naive! I used to love blair when she was down-to-earth! everyones disappointed because we know that she's just an average teenage girl like us and she's famous for no real reason - don't confuse disappointment and confusion with hate. do you HONESTLY think that she is on this website because they just "happened to like her look?" just like she also "happened to meet bobby brown and be featured in 17 magazine" ? open your eyes. people are not "hating" their wondering WHY the world accepts rich, make-up wearing people as "celebrities"

  • Marie

    They like her look? How many "random" girls get put on this website, because they just happened to be on a red carpet and got their picture taken? I could see if we were "hating" for no reason, but Blair's "fans" obviously don't know the truth about her. Go look at Guru Gossip. You'll find out everything you need to know about Blair!

  • Eliza

    Wow. It's just sad the amount of hate and jealousy that you and others have on someone you have never met. And it's also said you have nothing better to do than be a hater. So pathetic!!

  • carol

    probably one of the only people on this site who paid to get on it. maybe she'll sponsor the site in a next video, just RAVING about it!

  • cryna

    they put her here because they like her look, not because she is a celeb! you haters wish you were in her place, so keep it to yoursefls cause your just lame hating on someone for no reason

  • Marie

    Someone copied Kim Kardashian's WHOLE outfit!! Her new nose doesn't photograph well either!! It's sad that a talentless hack like Blair gets so much press, when all she does is copy other gurus. I guess all you have to do is be good at scamming young girls, and have mediocre makeup skills to make it in Hollywood!

  • suzie

    I don't hate anyone, im not a "hater" i've been watching blair since she started and I really like her as a person and a youtube beauty guru but i just dont understand why she is being treated like a celeb.

  • ashley

    i'm not hating on anyone, i just don't think its fair that having a lot of money and having the right connections makes you an instant celeb without having any real talent.

  • Marli

    Why so much hate? I watch her on youtube she is awesome and I will definetly try this look on myself! :)

  • Britt

    I think that she looks gorgeous!

  • Eliza

    Oh wow! Blair looks so gorgeous! You guys are just haters and jealous.

  • natalie

    i guess now anyone who has money and films themselves putting on makeup can be a celebrity.... -___-

  • stew

    ewwww blair FOULER, turning fashion into a stench.

  • sarah

    Ugh, she's not a celebrity.. what the hell is she doing on this website? fail.

  • jglover

    ewww blair. wtf is she doing here?!!?!?!? she looks gross btw


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