Paris Hilton Works the Sidewalk in NYC (PHOTOS)

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Would you expect anything less than a ball-gown when Paris Hilton arrives to promote, well, herself? Hope not because that's exactly what you're getting here as the reality star arrives at Oxygen Upfront's for The World According to Paris. And she looks pretty glamorous!

Brooke Mueller and her fabulous mother Kathy Hilton are also in the reality show that is a glimpse into the heiress' life.

You can catch all the drama and hilarity ensue on Oxygen when it premieres on June 1st. 

Are you ready to see Paris Hilton back on reality TV where she belongs? Chime in Celebuzz readers!



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  • james

    Love you paris!

  • Alicia

    Alright Paris its time we had The Talk: You are 30 years old. Grow the f**k up. If I have kids, I will pray every night hoping that they won't be half as much of a dumba** as you are. Lets see: you're fugly, your daddy pays for everything, pretty much everything you do tanks, you do drugs, and you wonder why you're not married! Wake up and smell the coffee Paris cause right now between Perez and Paris Hilton Perez is the most popular "Hilton." And thats sad when not even a REAL Hilton is more famous than you.

  • kyuubi

    "Paris Hilton Works the Sidewalk in NYC" I bet it wasn't the first time or the last

  • Michaela

    love it!!!..nevr seen Paris lookn better!!!