‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Struts in a Skimpy Bikini (PHOTOS)

With legal problems piling up, troubled Teen Mom starlet Jenelle Evans took a bit of a breather from all of the drama by taking a stroll down a North Carolina beach in a skimpy white bikini — with a photographer.

Jenelle strutted happily down the sand and into the water as a paparazzo snapped away. If she’s getting paid for the photo set, there’s a good chance the funds are going towards lawyers and court fees, because those have been piling up for the reality starlet lately. Also, upon a close inspection of her belly button ring, she’s sporting a silver marijuana leaf, perhaps as a tribute to her past legal problems.

After already having a marijuana arrest on her record, Jenelle recently found herself back in handcuffs after video of a nasty brawl between her and another girl surfaced online. Jenelle’s violent attack is now going to court, but her lawyer plans on claiming that she was provoked and it was self defense.

Court is nothing new for Jenelle. Her mother famously took her there to gain custody of Jenelle’s son Jace during the filming of Teen Mom 2.

Watch a scene from the first season below: