Amanda Seyfreid Gets Ticketed at ‘Riding Hood’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

Amanda & Justin Kiss!
Check out Amanda and Justin smooching on the set of their new flick.
Uh-oh! Did Amanda Seyfried forget the rules of the road are different over in London? Probably not since parking tickets are pretty standard wherever you go, but think we can all agree they are universally annoying.

Here is Amanda leaving the Leicester Square premiere of Red Riding Hood where she discovered a parking ticket on the car she was being driven in …  and Seyfried didn’t exactly handle it too calmly.

“Thank you, but no thank you,” Amanda said to the ticketing officer before throwing it back at him.

Guess Amanda Seyfried’s lips aren’t the only things red hot! Still, isn’t that everyone’s reaction when they find a nagging slip of financial doom tucked under their windshield wiper? Parking tickets are the worst!

Hopefully A ended the night with a good chat with Ryan Phillippe. Nothing like a hot boyfriend to make yourself feel better!