Top Reasons Why You MUST Watch the NewNowNext Awards

Celebuzz infiltrated Logo Network’s NewNowNext Awards on Thursday night at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, CA,  and we felt absolutely compelled to share at least some of the details with you (with minimal spoiler alerts … you’re welcome) before it airs next week. As far as awards shows go, this was entertainment at its finest, and everyone in the house was there to have fun and celebrate.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why you MUST watch the show, which airs Monday April 11, at 10p EST on Logo. Here they are:1. Two New Kids on the Block and one Backstreet Boy showed up. That alone should be enough.

2. James Van Der Beek’s opening monologue was written by his twitter followers/haters.

3. Who doesn’t love it when a drag queen eats it on stage during a dance number?

4. Johnny Weir takes a moment out of his busy schedule to help dress Van Der Beek. MUST see the Weir-inspired outfit!

5. James Van Der Beek rolled onto the stage by RuPaul’s Queens in an egg. Yes, just like Lady Gaga.

6. When James popped out of the egg the lid smashed into one of the Drag Queens. (no drag queens were actually harmed in the making of this show)

7. Panic at the Disco performed one of their latest hits and killed it.

8. Mya Rudolph accepted an award with fellow Bridesmaids cast mates and was highly inappropriate. And hilarious!

9. Aubrey O’Day made out with a woman on-stage.

10. Lady Gaga won the top award, presented by Paula Abdul.

All that and so much more are in store for Monday night’s show. Don’t forget to check out the photos above!