Celebuzz Fans Show Kristen Stewart Their Birthday Card Love (PHOTOS)

Sure, us Celebuzz editors can put together some nice fun birthday tributes to Kristen Stewart (who turns 21 today, in case you hadn't heard), but really, what matters is getting our readers involved. It's obvious you love Twilight and K-Stew even more than we do, so for the big b-day, we wanted to put it in your hands by creating the Kristen Stewart birthday card challenge.

We asked you to submit your own birthday tributes to Kristen, and boy did you deliver. The time, creativity and sheer love for Bella is unmistakable.Want to see the submissions? Well, check out the big assortment in the gallery above.

While there's no word on exactly how Kristen will be spending her big 21st birthday, chances are it'll be with her Twilight pals -- including the very lovely Robert Pattinson -- in Canada, where they're currently filming the final Breaking Dawn films.

If you were K-Stew, what would you want from Pattinson for your birthday? Hit us on our Facebook wall with your answer!



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  • Linda

    The next time you say something like that publicly...remember that you can be sued for slander...You could not deny it, because you were stupid enough to put it here for all the world to see...If you think you are anonymous...remember if anyone wanted to pursue comments like that as the slanderous item that it is...Lawyers and Police can find you...you are not ever totally hidden when you go online...

  • Linda

    Well aren't you the moron? Seriously....Get a life

  • MInnie

    Jokes on you hahaha! She's got her gorgeous, talented and smart boyfriend! Jealous?!

  • hahaha

    She should just come out as a lesbian already

  • edwardbella2

    Happy Birthday Kristen!!!!

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  • crizo

    happy b/day Kristen hope you got a ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saaa07

    happy bday!

  • ymwm

    Kristen's a great girl with lots of amazing fans wishing her well...all the others can just get lost!! Happy birthday Kristen. Wishing you some much love on your 21st!

  • marie

    happy b-day kristen

  • twilightnjonas4ever

    OMG thank you SO much for putting my birthday card as the main photo! I feel so special xD & Happy birthday to Kristen Stewart <3

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Gabby - why so mean? You have evidence she has been doing drugs and drinking since the day she was born? Why are you the ONLY person who knows this? You must be a very small and spiteful person that you would say such horrible things about someone you don't know. Its pretty sad. Leave her alone - although your opinion matters only to you.

  • bellabells68

    Happy Birthday Kristen. Love you so much.

  • LA

    Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!!! She's amazing!!!!!

  • Gabby

    21 is not a big deal for her considering she's been boozing and drugging it up since she was born.

  • yiyu924

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  • Sarah

    Happy 21 Birthday Kristen!!!! Love U!!!!!

  • Katarina Beslic
    Katarina Beslic

    Omg that's so sweet. Happy bday Kristen, Love you♄