‘Hanna’ Star Saoirse Ronan: We Need More Female Action Stars

Hot Action Babes!
Kicking butts and looking great doing it.
Is the world ready for an action film for ladies? If you ask Saoirse Ronan, the young star of Hanna, the answer is definitely yes and not just because she happens to play a badass teen assassin in her newest film.

Celebuzz got a chance to sit down with the talented actress earlier this week to discuss her role in Hanna (which hits theaters this weekend) and how she feels about playing such a strong character.

“I like the idea of playing strong female roles,” Saoirse told a group of reporters in New York. ” I think we need characters like that and women in particular seem to really respond well to [Hanna].”

In the film, Saoirse plays a 16-year-old girl who has been living with her father (played by the very hunky Eric Bana) in a remote area of Finland for almost her entire life. Hanna knows little about the outside world but eventually forces her father to let her escape the icy tundra of Lapland and experience real life. Unfortunately, this means that Hanna must battle one very determined special agent (played to perfection by the always excellent Cate Blanchett) and several other nasty characters who want her destroyed. Luckily for Hanna, her father has been training her to do battle for her entire life.

Watch the trailer below.

When asked what it was like to watch herself kicking butt on the big screen, the young star suddenly becomes very animated: “It was cool! I was very excited. It was very exciting to watch me fight because I’ve never fought anyone!”

Training for the film was a rigorous process, involving Saoirse to learn karate, archery and how to hold and fire a gun as if she had been popping glocks her whole life. Saoirse likens the fight sequences to ballet choreography and admits that she had to spend two hours at the gym every day in order to match with Hannah’s superhuman abilities.

Although she admits that she was “too young” to watch everyone’s favorite teen action hero, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Saoirse does admire other female characters who don’t shy away from a fight.

“There are certain female characters in action films that I love like the Bride in Kill Bill. I think she’s really interesting because love is basically her motivation and the fight sequences in all those films are really great. And she’s different as well and I like that, I think Hanna is like that as well.”

When asked what she wants young women to take away from the film, Saoirse answers “Strength,” but giggles that she doesn’t want to sound too cheesy.

“I walked away from the film very excited,” said Saoirse “I like that she stays a freak and kind of weird.”

Hanna, directed by Joe Wright, is currently in theaters nationwide.