Kate Bosworth Flaunts Toned Body in Teeny Tiny Bikini (PHOTOS)

Kate Bosworth showed off her flawless bikini body when she was spotted frolicking on a beach in an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie yellow (non-polka dot) bikini earlier this week.

The Blue Crush star splashed around with a female friend during a recent trip to Mexico. The 28-year-old actress caused an internet sensation earlier today when she was spotted swimming in Mexico while topless but it looks like the blonde beauty decided to keep her bikini top on this time around. Sorry fellas!

Kate recently launched JewelMint, a new jewelry line with friend and stylist Cher Coulter. Every month the site offers pieces designed by Cher and Kate for the very friendly price of $29.99.

Check out more photos of Kate taking a swim and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Honest

    Hot bikini body?! She doesen't have a ass!! :O That's not a hot body!

  • KV

    Toned body my a**... If you want to call someone fit how about showing a woman who actually exercises! She does have the body of a prepubescent boy.. That's what starvation will do to ya! Yeah, that's hot alright... whatever.

  • Josh

    Is there a reason every single bikini is labeled "teeny" these days? Celebuzz is like fox news, one person uses a new catch/buzz phrase then it gets parroted around the site for six months until a new phrase comes along/

  • Cha007

    I am shocked that this is what your reporter deems as a flawless figure! Please be a responsible reporter and not attempt to brainwash the masses. The woman has no backside and has the figure of a 12 year old adolescent boy. And from your name (reporter), where do you get your skewed views? Your name suggest that you are of Latino descent..., ethnic people typically respect a more womanly figure. I am shocked and disgusted.

  • imaxfli

    OK..but what happened to her face....looks like she has the cosmetic surgery addiction.

  • Hawk

    At least she's not skin and bones anorexic anymore.

  • RealityCheck


  • katherine

    Kate has the Body of a boy, flat in the front and back lol

  • Amy

    When I see pictures like this I have to wonder 2 things. !. Do they not own a mirror? 2. Why didn't anyone tell her that a bikini is not the best bathing suit for her?! (not Kate) I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.

  • nobahdi

    is the person in the first photo a famous person?

  • nobahdi

    are these famous people?

  • noah

    Watch out for stingrays. They like to murder Australians.

  • Freya

    Uhm, TONED body??? FLAWLESS bikini body??? Am I even looking at the same pics??? There's no muscletone whatsoever on this bag of bones, just look at her stomache and legs, you can clearly see it: she's skinny because she starves herself, not from working out! Way to set an example to young girls Celebuzz!

  • The Blue Crush star
    The Blue Crush star

    The Blue Crush star... The Blue Crush star... The Blue Crush star... The Blue Crush star...