Reese Witherspoon Talks Marriage, 'Elephants' in 'Vogue' (PHOTOS)

Reese Witherspoon has been a busy lady lately. She walked down the aisle just a few weeks ago to marry agent Jim Toth, her movie Water for Elephants is opening up at the end of this month, and now she's also gracing the cover of Vogue magazine ... and looking downright stunning while doing it.

Reese, who poses with elephants in the Peter Lindbergh-shot photo spread, opens up about her mindset in the days before her marriage (the interview was done before she and Toth exchanged vows). She tells the magazine that her new husband is "just a really great guy, and I feel really lucky."

The Oscar-winner says that going home to Oklahoma is always interesting, because she gets a taste of the accent she ditched to make it in Hollywood.

"It’s so cute: Over the holidays I was at a department store in L.A. with my friends, and these three women from Oklahoma came up to me, and they said”—she lays on a thick Southern drawl—“ ‘Reese. We are so happy for yeeew. We liiike this guy for yeeew.’ And I said, ‘You do?!’ ‘Yes, ma’am. We think he is a niiice man. We think he is going to treat you well and be good to yeeew.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ So sweet! And I told them my mother likes him very much, too.”

And while she's happy in love, there's definitely a part of Reese that wishes she were still an unknown in Oklahoma.

"I mean, I feel like an ingrate for even thinking anything isn’t good. I’m very, very, very lucky. But . . . umm . . . probably that I parted with my privacy a long time ago. We went different ways. And sometimes I mourn it. Sometimes I will sit in the car and cry. Because I can’t get out. That’s the only thing: I mourn the loss of my privacy," she said.

For more, check out and pick up the magazine on newsstands on April 19.



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  • Lorraine Abrams
    Lorraine Abrams

    I’m glad Reese Witherspoon is happy again and after all that she has been through in the last few years, this is terrific. My husband and I are just really open and honest with each other. We tell each other everything that goes on and everything that we’re feeling everyday, and we’re just really there for each other. I think he taught me a lot about inner beauty and confidence in myself. I’m voluptuous and I’ve always been that way but I don’t really feel pretty ever, without makeup. I feel ugly. And so I would have to sleep with makeup on, or feel ugly and gross. He looks beyond all of that, which is such a win, because I’ve never felt that with anybody. He’s in love with the person inside of me, and the outside of me is just a bonus. I feel better—so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I am calmer; I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.