Vanessa Hudgens Opens Up About Nude Pic Scandal

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Nude Photo Leak

Vanessa Hudgens wants you to know that just because you may have seen some racy leaked photos of her on the internet, she's not a bad girl.

In a very candid interview with the Los Angeles Times -- the first since the most recent batch of nude photos leaked online -- Hudgens vented about how the scandal brought a negative light back to her years after her first public leak. She said:

"It's just silly because I'm a very present person, and that's the thing that has been so in the past ... The fact that somebody keeps bringing up the past is just selfish. I mean, it sucks. I already released a statement the first time it happened. It's just unfortunate that it keeps reminding people about the past and not the present."
She continued, saying that showbusiness demands a tough skin if you want to get by nowadays.

"You really have to stay strong, because times get tough. Especially in this business. It's a dog-eat-dog world ... There's so many amazing actresses who got taken advantage of. Someone like Natalie Wood, one of my idols — who knows what happened to her? She was on a boat that was mysteriously in the water, and now she's dead. A lot of women get walked all over on by not standing up for themselves, and that's just not what I'm about. I'm figuring myself out now as a young adult more than I ever have. It's like my eyes are opening and I'm awakening to controlling my future."

Hudgens also says that her relationship with Zac Efron was often strained because of the public interest surrounding them.

"We got to a point where it was just like, we just can't pay attention, because one week we'd be married and then the next week we'd be broken up and the next week I would have a baby. It was just the most obscene things," she said.



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  • nick

    Everything is the past. Nothing is the present. The present is a fiction. As soon as you say something it is the past because it takes time to get to my ears. Deal with it. It's physics.

  • Huck Pituey
    Huck Pituey

    I kid!!! lol

  • Huck Pituey
    Huck Pituey

    What, no link to the pics?

  • saaa07

    i feel bad, every one should stop bugging her about it and forget it :P

  • lexilove

    shes one of my bff's so i wish people would just mind their own business and live their life. i love her 2 death and i dont want her to feel ashamed of this. lots of teens and even adults do this so people just let the gurl do wat she wants even if its this. plzzzzzzzzz

  • v

    She is hot soo who gives a fuck

  • likeaboss

    She should just come out as a lesbian already...