Demi Lovato’s First Post-Rehab Interview to Air on ‘GMA’ April 22

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Demi Lovato has been relatively open about her rehab stay since being released from treatment for an eating disorder in January, but she’s finally ready to talk on camera about the tough experience.

Good Morning America correspondant Robin Roberts told fans via Twitter that she had filmed the interview with the 18-year-old, but finally revealed the date the segment will air:

I told you that you guys would be the first to know… Demi Lovato intv with air on GMA and 20/20 on Friday April 22. More details to come.

Demi also talked to Seventeen magazine and offered advice to girls who are struggling with the issues she is dealing with as well, saying:

“If you are going through that dark period, go to your family and closest friends. Don’t put yourself in danger. It’s very crucial that you get your feelings out – but don’t ever inflict harm on your own body because your body is so sacred.”

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