Jennifer Lawrence Talks ‘Hunger Games’ and Being a Good Girl

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Jennifer Lawrence covers Teen Vogue and the Oscar nominated actress opens up about landing the hottest role in Hollywood: Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

“The cool thing about Katniss is that every fan has such a personal relationship with her, and they understand and know her in a singular way,” Lawrence modestly explains. “She’s incredibly powerful, brave, and tough—and yet she has a tenderness and complexity. It was very humbling hearing that Suzanne [Collins] and Gary [Ross] feel that I embody those traits.”

Suzanne penned the hit series and Gary is directing the film. So did Jennifer go party when she beat out all of her celebrity peers for the role? Not exactly.

“Sometimes I get anxiety about not staying up late enough,” Lawrence says about being a good girl. “I’m not the one in the corner, but if anyone was like, ‘I want to go home and watch The Big Lebowski,’ I’d be right there with my hand up.”

And apparently her perfect behavior has been a habit:

“I didn’t sneak out or drink. Once I told my parents to ground me because I was going to a party with alcohol. It’s kind of disgusting.”

Somehow that doesn’t surprise us. We can’t wait to see Jennifer’s transformation! Into dark-haired, olive skin Katniss Everdeen, that is. The Hunger Games is set to be released March 2012 and should start filming very soon!