Justin Bieber Earns Himself a Webby Nomination (VIDEO)

Futbol Bieber
Justin plays a little soccer while in Spain.
All of Justin Bieber’s internet prowess is paying off (if you don’t include his nearly 8 million Twitter followers to be a successful venture), as the teen king of pranks has scored himself a Webby nomination.

Yes, the “Oscars of the internet” have nominated Bieber in their annual awards, now in the 15th year, for his takeover of FunnyOrDie.com which he declared “Bieber or Die” — in which he declared “everything that’s not Bieber dies.” Watch the video below:

The Webbys also honored fellow web-savvy celebs like Isaiah “The Old Spice Guy” Mustafa for his web campaigns and viral video magnet Jimmy Fallon for his show’s web site. Also getting a nod? Angry Birds, the end-of-all-personal-time mobile game that has taken over the world.

Justin will likely be putting his millions of fans to work, as voting can be done online at the Webbys site.