Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Talk Reality Love on ‘Ellen’

The romance between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom flourished as the world got a glimpse of their love on TV, and now it’s on full display thanks to Khloe & Lamar. It’s an odd dynamic, but as the two happily married stars told Ellen on Monday (airing Tuesday), marriage is tough whether you’re famous or not — but constantly filming a reality show while getting to know each other and getting married certainly has its downsides.“It’s a lot,” Khloe told Ellen. “I mean, I knew from doing my family’s show how intense and grueling and how much they are really in your face. I personally didn’t want to do the show. I love taping. I just didn’t want to put Lamar through that pressure and Lamar was like, let’s do it. Everyone keeps asking, let’s do it.”

Even Lamar, who seems to be OK with pretty much everything, said that filming is “really tough … I’m a competitor by nature.  I was like, I can do that.  That’s easy and three days into it I was like, do we have to finish?”

Khloe says that Lamar “asked, he said, can you tell your mom to get us out of this contract. I go, absolutely not. I go, nope, that ship has sailed. I told you. Lamar is great and he loves the finished product and we have really expensive home videos…”

Khloe & Lamar premiered this past Sunday to huge ratings. The show follows the two through their high-profile lives … Get a sneak peek of the first season below: