Lacey’s Low Down: ‘DWTS’ Week 4 Recap

'DWTS' Scorecard: Wk 4
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DWTS Recap
Lacey Schwimmer breaks it down for Celebuzz!
Each week, Dancing With the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer will be right here on Celebuzz breaking down the past week’s routines, who she thinks stepped and strutted their way to victory … and who stumbled and might be on their way out. Read it straight from Lacey below!

Hey guys! So, tonight was another week of awesome dances from the whole Dancing with the Stars gang!

DWTS is always filled with lots of fun, laughs (and of course) a little drama, with tonight being no exception. From shoes falling off to guys getting shirtless, it was another crazy week!

So who were some of the favorites to emerge tonight? And how did everyone do?

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower:
Romeo seriously tore the house down! Romeo took his shirt off and I’m not even kidding, all the women’s voices in the audience jumped up a few octaves, it was crazy! Overall he just did a great job and had a great energy.

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas:
These two did great and topped the leader board! They did a “Harry Potter” themed dance and it was a waltz that was just very beautiful, very quirky and very different. Although didn’t like it, but he doesn’t like anything that’s different, but it was really good!

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson:
In my opinion, they were the best of the night! They got second place, which is still awesome, but seriously the crowd could not stop applauding for them! The second he came onto the dance floor, everyone was just instantly into him which was so cool to see. He’s such a great guy, and I love Kym, so I was really pleased with that.

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin:
Petra and Dmitry did the paso doble, and she came out with this fierce model walk, and was just stunning! Dmitry always does such great choreography, and just really showcased her. She looked amazing and is just such a beautiful person inside and out.

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke:
These two were another one of my favorites for the night. What was cool about their routine is that he did kind of a softer song for a paso doble, but he seriously just attacked the dance! It was cool to see a stronger, almost meaner side to him, which is what were used to seeing with him in the ring. He just did awesome, and really surprised me tonight.

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis Van Amstel:
Kendra did a waltz and she a little bit off in the beginning because the song was off since the orchestra messed up the music from what I was told. She was also feeling a little dizzy before the show, but she definitely powered through and did her thing. She’s such a cool person and she knows she could have done better, but I still think she did a great job.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff:
Ralph was good as usual! The dude was literally just stunning. He was doing such difficult moves, and I don’t think people realize the level that he’s working at that he manages to just does so flawlessly. I know that he’s been around dancing forever and a lot of his kids do dancing, so he’s witnessed it, and been around it enough to know what it’s supposed to look like.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy:
So, last week she falls, and this week her foot comes out of her shoe! Here’s the thing: my foot has come out of my shoe plenty of times during competitions, and since there’s a strap that goes around your ankle, your foot just flops around and it’s impossible to dance. She was sitting there, trying to get it off, and her and Maks were just sitting there laughing and trying to get it off. It was so entertaining! She still got a great score, regardless of the shoe mishap, and still managed to do a good job. Maybe next week we should duck tape her feet or something! We were just dying backstage. It was just so classic Kirstie and Maks, that would happen to them!

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya:
They did a waltz, and he’s just such a fun spirit. Whenever you watch him, whether he’s just clapping his hands or dancing, you can’t help but smile. I’d watch him do anything! He is older and it’s a littler harder for him to be as fluid as everyone else, but you can definitely see his heart and soul out there, and that’s something I applaud him for.

I’d definitely say that the three to watch out for as of right now would be Chelsea, Hines and Ralph. They’ve all done so awesome! But you never know who will go home, it’s up to you guys to vote!

Until next week! See you guys then! XOXO