Miranda Cosgrove: I Got Into Two Great Colleges!

Miranda's Heartbreak
Who broke the teen star's heart?
Miranda Cosgrove shot to fame as a cute-as-a-button kid actress in iCarly, and now just like other kids, she’s grown up before our eyes and is almost ready to go off into the collegiate world. Now the only thing that stands before her is the huge decision of which college to go to.

Well, Celebuzz caught up with the teen star on Monday night at the Elle Women in Music event, where she spilled the details of where she might be enrolling next year. And the schools are …

Cosgrove said boisterously: “I just found out I got into NYU and USC! It’s cool.”

Asked if one was a front-runner or if she had a preference, Cosgrove towed the line and is  hoping for the best of both academic worlds.

“I would love to go to one for two years then the other for two years. I feel like they are both so great,” Cosgrove happily said, adding that her major would be film.

When we pointed out that this year’s Oscar winner for best actress, Natalie Portman, was a college graduate (Harvard), Miranda said Portman is an inspiration to her.

“Natalie is amazing I think everyone loves Natalie Portman,” Cosgrove beamed.