Kendra Wilkinson Leaves ‘DWTS’ Rehearsals Looking Drained (PHOTOS)

Kendra Wilkinson escaped elimination this week on Dancing With the Stars, so you know she’s hard at work making sure she’s not in the bottom three at any point soon.

Wilkinson left DWTS rehearsals on Wednesday looking like she’d just been through a hurricane of sweaty dancing. As she walked towards her car in a hoodie sweatsuit, Kendra’s messy hair was a clear indicator that she just danced her butt off.
Thankfully for Kendra, her routine this week was enough to keep her alive in the Dancing field. It was boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard who was sent packing instead. Always the thankful one, Kendra let her fans and voters know how appreciative one by tweeting: “I want to say THANK YOU SOOOOOO much to all of YOU for keeping me in the game! Thank you thank you!”