Pete Wentz and Bronx Have a Park Play Day (PHOTOS)

Cute Celeb Kids
The most adorable offspring Hollywood has to offer.
When you’re a rocker like Pete Wentz, your days aren’t spent in an office, so why not grab your kid and go enjoy the sunshine?

Wentz and little Bronx Mowgli were out and about and taking full advantage of the jungle gym in a Beverly Hills park on Wednesday morning. Whether it was the slide, a ladder or just a game of catch with a tennis ball, Bronx conquered every obstacle put in his path … and looked adorable doing it in a cute striped hoodie.

Pete seemed to be enjoying himself just as much as Bronx.

Wentz was recently snapped holding hands with Ashlee Simpson, throwing a wrench into their divorce plans and causing many to believe they’re back together. There has been no confirmation or denial from either’s camp regarding a possible reunion.