Taylor Momsen Rocks a Dress (!!) at Best Buy Gig (PHOTOS)

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You won't believe what she said!
Just when you think you have Taylor Momsen nailed to a T when it comes to her style (generally something not involving pants), she goes and throws a curveball at you.

T-Moms was in New York City on Tuesday to perform songs from her band The Pretty Reckless’ album, and perhaps because it was daytime or a corporate gig in a sense, Taylor took the stage sporting a flowy white dress — something the world hasn’t seen in quite some time. Along with said skirt, Taylor was wearing her favorite new strappy boots and a black leather jacket.

Of late, it’s been impossible to catch Taylor in anything but a tattered rock tee, thigh-high stockings and a garter belt or two. Check her out below as she strolls through New York City in said outfit back in February.