'Twilight' & 'Harry Potter' Worlds Collide: Jamie Campbell Bower & Bonnie Wright Engaged!

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Holy franchise crossover! Big congrats to Jamie Campbell Bower, 22, and Bonnie Wright, 20, who are engaged! Celebuzz is betting that they will make magical, demon babies. 

Bower confirmed to The Daily that he popped the question to the Harry Potter star (aka Ginny Weasley):

"I am engaged. I'm very happy. It's a wonderful, wonderful time."
You probably recognize Jamie as Volturi member Caius in The Twilight Saga, but did you know he also had a role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2?

Rumors have swirled for a while now these twenty-something's were betrothed. As for where Jamie and Bonnie are in the wedding planning process? Bower says in his interview:

"We are [planning], but I won't say when and I won't say where. Or how."
Can't blame them for wanting to keep the news a secret. Congrats again you two!


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  • Angela Mitzi Nazareno
    Angela Mitzi Nazareno

    I think it's a sign for fans to stop fighting about which movie is Better...I mean the two movies have definitely DIFFERENT Theme and plot....if it was both vampire movies, go and compare them...if they're Wizard movies, go compare them...but, Are THEY? NO,...so stop comparing them... Oh and CONGRATS to the Couple!....They look good with each other...:)

  • sydsouth

    * Yeah..umm, mega creepy, if you put me in a room alone with a Harry Potter fan It would probably be a fight to the death over which is better. Then some random janitor would find our bodies and coincidently be wearing a team Jacob shirt. Hell our ghost would forever be whooping some ass!* xD

  • aynie

    yes, jamie was in harry potter 7 part 1.he was the young grindelwald

  • jennyjazz

    I thought they were already engaged. Silly celebrities.

  • Mi

    They have been engaged for a while...

  • Marianne

    Jamie is in Harry Potter? Wow what big news! *rolls eyes*. God your news astounds me sometimes... And please I will always remember him first and foremost from Sweeney Todd.