Celebrity Bag Lady: Katie Holmes Gets Fresh in West Hollywood (PHOTOS)

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Who’s that hidden behind those big brown bags? It’s Katie Holmes on a solo shopping spree! No, she’s not springing for diamonds, designer shoes or even treats for Suri. Instead, she’s enjoying the simple power of the flower! 

With an army of assistants at her disposal it would be easy to send somebody out for a few floral arrangements, but Katie decided to ditch the usual entourage and pick up some fresh flowers while out in West Hollywood. It looks like Katie is freshing up her home after a few days away. She and Tom were just recently in New York taking in the sights, complete with a trip to Broadway!

We’re pretty sure she’s got more shopping to do, as her daughter turns five on April 18. Katie revealed that she plans to have a tea party and “girl it up” for her baby girl’s bash.  We bet the party will have some real pretty centerpieces given the giant load of flowers Katie hauled home.!

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