James Franco Gets Scientist Sexy for 'Apes' Trailer (VIDEO)

James Franco tends to get references to his resemblance to Hollywood legend James Dean. In Rise of the Planet of the Apes, however, the ubiquitous star channels a little more Charlton Heston than Dean.

Taking on the storied movie series, Franco carves out his own niche in the Rise trailer, the latest installment of the ape-apocalypse set of films. As the head of a scientific research firm conducting experiments on apes, Franco leads an experiment that seems to go horribly .... no wait, terribly wrong.Franco shares the screen with Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto.

Rise is set to be released on August 5.

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  • Vince (Not Vance)
    Vince (Not Vance)

    This is my 100% honest opinion. That trailer is one of the most unintentionally hilarious movie trailers I have ever seen. I laughed so hard when I saw the ape staring at the couple in the bedroom, and laughed even HARDER when I saw all of the bare-assed apes wreaking havoc on the Golden Gate Bridge. If this movie is half as retarded as it looks, I'm in. I'm so interested in this movie now. Ironically, of course.

  • Sloan

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes of the Planet of Earth. Jesus, why don’t they put the year and the day in the title too. Super redundant

  • Amy Maguire
    Amy Maguire

    Andy Serkis (who plays the ape Caesar in this) is partly Armenian. A lot of people don’t know that. Some other Armenian icons and legends include Andre Agassi, Charles Aznavour, Eric Bogosian, Cher, Princess Diana (1/64 Armenian), Atom Egoyan, Arshile Gorky, The Kardashians, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Kirk Kerkorian, Mike Connors, William Saroyan, Seymour Skinner (Armen Tamzarian), System of a Down, Steven Zaillian, Michael Vartan, Gregory Peck, Dita Von Teese, Ken Davitian, David Hedison, David Dickinson, Simon Abkarian.