Join Celebuzz's Exclusive LIVESTREAM With 'Glee' Star Darren Criss on April 20!

Don't Miss it!

UPDATE: The Darren Criss LIVESTREAM is today (April 20) and you can watch it at this link at 2p PST / 5p EST!

Ever wish you could ask Darren Criss something and get the answer face to face? Or watch him perform your favorite song right in front of your eyes? Well, here's your chance!

Celebuzz is excited to announce that we'll be hosting a special livestream chat with the dreamy Glee star on Wednesday April 20! Darren will be taking answering your questions, taking song requests and serenading you -- LIVE!

What do you need to do to get involved? Simple!

Just follow @CELEBUZZ as well as @DarrenCriss and submit any questions, comments or song requests by tweeting at @CELEBUZZ with the hashtag #DarrenCrissLivestream from now until the livestream chat.

And if you're feeling lucky, you can submit your phone number, as Darren is going to pick a few fans at random and will be calling them DURING the livestream!

Note: All are welcome to submit their questions and phone number, in any time zone from anywhere in the world. 

You won't want to miss this, so be sure to tune in right here on Wednesday April 20 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST! We can't wait!

And don't forget to pick up a copy of Glee The Music: The Warblers (which features all of Darren and the Warblers' fabulous music thus far) when it hits stands on April 19!



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  • belle

    hi everyone my name is belle andrushuk i livein portage la praire mb canada i have a cellphone darrenc riss my number is 8725013 and well i livein canada i l ove it her ei go to school at pci i take the bus home and to school each daya nd well i stay at school until 300and get ready for home i have a whole bunch of friends who likes me and takes good care of m e and i have a family and doga nd cat who loves me and takes good car eof a daughter im 17 yearsold soon 18 yearsold adult i am a younga dult i am senior life skills student i love it herein portage la praire mbc anada it is gorgeous here i just love it here dontyou itis beautiful here isn t it wonderful here i am a young girl with dark brown hair and i love the color of my hair it is prettya nd long and short too itake bus 20 to school every day and well you guyshavent heard of canad a we get twitter face book and lots of stuff here in portage la prair e mbc anada and i liveon 2nd street nortthwest 117 a yellowhouse i have a annoyin gbrothe rname d kevin andrushuk and well guess wha t he sleepsin the left room i get the right room i just hate that so much .

  • Katy Munson
    Katy Munson

    I just watched it AND IT LOOKED AWESOME is there going to be another with Darren? If not, Please can there be? Please? Anyway, I <3 Darren so much, he is totally awesome! :)

  • A.D.

    I missed part of it!! Will it be recorded so those who missed out can watch it later?!

  • tal

    OMG!!! i love darren!!! I'm shaking with excitement!!! <3 <3 <3

  • amycriss....i wish
    amycriss....i wish

    hi i was wonderin wat time it was on in the UK/ Ireland!!!!!

  • Bri E. Brincat
    Bri E. Brincat

    I am freaking out! I have tweeted and posted and I'm going to be GLUED to this computer & my phone! <3 Darren!

  • Margus Salinas
    Margus Salinas

    ok i´m wrong it´s in THREE and half hours

  • Margus Salinas
    Margus Salinas

    it´s in 2 and a half hours i can´t wait i Hope Mexico don´t be blocked

  • Bethanyyxx

    it's in 5 and a half hours right?

  • Alyssa

    is this going to be like, a video chat or a chatty thingy? lessthanthree <3

  • winona

    ohmy i have to stay up to 4 a.m. to chat with darren criss! D:

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright

    How do you submit your number? via twitter?

  • starkidsarah

    How do we submit questions, numbers and requests through Facebook? Is there a way to do this privately?

  • Bee

    There are lots of Perth people who are saying it's 4:30am :)

  • Eloise

    Omg help, I'm having so much trouble working out the time difference :'( What time would this be happening in Perth, Western Australia? (Sorry, I know I already posted a similar question)

  • Sorcha

    So what time will that be in the uk ? And haw do we watch it do we come back to this website link or is it through another website?

  • Eloise

    If my calculations are correct, will this be starting at 2am Thursday for Perth, Western Australia?

  • Sorcha

    You submit questions on twitter up to the 20th of april

  • Lissa

    If we send in an international phone number, do we send it in as you would call it from the US?

  • soniamjalal

    a little help please. how many more hours till the live chat?

  • Ayelén Lozano
    Ayelén Lozano

    # DarrenCrissLivestream, it would be really great if Darren sings "Sami" at Live stream, seriously i love that song and I’m so glad this livestream is available anywhere, not just the USA

  • jazzy150

    holy shiz, i'm keen to see him. :D

  • Ayelén Lozano
    Ayelén Lozano

    # DarrenCrissLivestream, it would be really great if Darren sings "Sami" at Live stream, seriously i love that song

  • Christopher

    This is like my first Time been in the U.S. Because im Latino so we don't see glee or they don't show it. LIke i remember the first time seeing Glee it was like 4 month ago and when i saw it for the first time i was like wow!!! nide to see it from the first season! i Actually like it because that one of the things im going to studie is acting and singing, thats allways been my dream. seeing Darren Criss i just want to follow hes step, he is a very good actor and singer. someday i will be good like him :D

  • Rachel D.
    Rachel D.

    GAH! I want to put my number out but it's so risky...this is so upsetting I WANT A PHONE CALL FROM DARREN CRISS!!! :( Does anyone know any other way?

  • jazzy150

    If you live in Queensland, Australia and you want to watch the live stream, what time will it be? I get really confused with time differences.

  • GLMClark

    Raise Your Glass or Soul Sister!!!!

  • Angela

    Is there a way I can privately submit my phone number? I don't want to post it on Facebook or Twitter where everyone can see it.

  • isabel

    At what time will it stream in Mexico:)?

  • starkid

    I am so very excited.

  • Emilie

    I'm french and I don't understand English very well... Could Darren speak French ? :D

  • Alicia

    Haha I see many people from Western Australia, 4:30 wake up call unite :-P Definitely not missing this!

  • Courtney

    Are we allowed to direct message our phone numbers? I would LOVE a chance to get a call from Darren, but I don't want to just post my number for the world to see. Also, what is the area code of the number he'll be using? I don't want to not pick up if he calls because I don't recognize the number. So, an area code would be nice so I know when to pick up, and when it's a telemarketer XD

  • Paula

    what time will this be on in Argentina?

  • Anum Ghaznavi
    Anum Ghaznavi

    i'll be there 5 pm SHARP! im crossing my fingers for all you international fans, hope you get to be apart of this! <3

  • Rhona Armstrong
    Rhona Armstrong

    i though 10pm but i'm just going to keep this page up and keep checking in case i'm wrong, gutted if i miss it

  • Linor

    Will the livestream be on this site?

  • Rhona Armstrong
    Rhona Armstrong

    got my time zones wrong and thought i was going to be at work and miss this, 10pm much better, hubby at work overnight, daughter in bed, perfect timing. computer don't let me down!

  • Madeleine

    I think it's actually 9PM, because daylight saving time is currently being observed, making the time zone GMT -4 instead of GMT -5 :)

  • Megan E. Jennings
    Megan E. Jennings

    My favorite Warblers song is "Baby Its Cold Outside," though it was only sung by Darren Criss and Chris Colfer. If I was restricted to only song by the entirety of the Warblers, I'd choose "Raise Your Glass."

  • Bethanyyxx

    10 o clock pm x

  • Wow

    EST means Eastern Standard Time and it says that it comes on at 5 PM EST, not AM. Learn how to read. Or you can stay up til 5 in the morning for nothing.

  • hopeful

    countdown to the livestream please anyone...

  • Tee

    what time will this be on in the UK?

  • Chris

    That'd be 5am my time. Yay! Alarm being set, coz Darren trumps sleep!

  • Ariane

    looks like im gonna be up at 4:30am to do this haha...thanks alot Perth

  • Molly

    How long is it going to last? I hope I don't miss it, I don't get home from school until 2:45-3:00 :(

  • Allison Dawson
    Allison Dawson

    Is there a way to submit my phone number privately as I don't really wish to let the public have my number :S Also even though it's live will we be able to download or view it at a later time at all? So basically will it save..

  • Jayne

    Damn... I'm going to be at rehearsal. =[

  • Sky

    Can we ask our questions here? Both Twitter and Facebook are blocked in my country.

  • Chris

    So, are you in Australia? Coz I thought that's when I'd have to set my alarm. And I'm in WA.

  • Maddy

    never ever sending my phone number out on twitter... so dangerous. can we send like directly to celebuzz - seems very sketchy..

  • Asequui L Rollins
    Asequui L Rollins

    What’s the facebook link to do this? I was stupid and tried Twitter, and now I’m getting crank phone calls. *GRRR

  • Asequui L Rollins
    Asequui L Rollins

    What's the facebook link to do this? I was stupid and tried Twitter, and now I'm getting crank phone calls. *GRRR*

  • Rachel Tee
    Rachel Tee

    Is there any way for us to submit our phone numbers without tweeting them? I don't want the world to see my number, but it would make my life if Darren called me!

  • Athena

    Where do we post our numbers?? Please?? We are so desperate!! XD

  • K

    Oh my god! I cannot wait for this! It's on at 10pm here in the UK so I'm hoping I can watch it, but I feel kind of uncomfortable putting out my number on twitter for ANYONE to see. It would be worth it to talk to Darren though. Even just being able to watch this is good enough for me. And I'm so glad this livestream is available anywhere, not just the USA.

  • Bethanyyxx

    about 10 at night or 10 in the morning :L sorry i couldn't be of more help :L xx

  • Jess

    better than 3 am or something eh? how'd you figure that out?

  • Quack.

    What time will it stream live in Australia ?

  • Isabella

    I don't know if this has already been asked, but is there a way to submit our phone numbers that isn't twitter? I don't feel very comfortable putting my phone number out for the whole world to see, that's all.

  • naty

    Hi!! Can someone please help me!!! what time that would be in Chile or Argentina please!!! I can't miss the opportunity to see it live

  • Eva

    hey, somebody please help should we tweet the numbers and questions now or should we wait for the live stream? also well, there is a limit on Twitter, what are we gonna do about it and can we ask him questions also giving our numbers and stuff? CAN ONE PERSON ONLY ASK ONE QUESTION? OHMYGOD I'M SO CONFUSED SOMEBODY PLEASE

  • Ekin

    Thank youu, I noticed it later and I am incredibly happy about it ^^ Most of the live streams, episode promos, youtube videos aren't available in Turkey, you can't even guess. But thank you again for your kindness and you know, paying attention.

  • varjot

    I don't belong to this homepage, but reading your post made me notice that you seem kinda sad, so I just wanted to tell you already that so far, they always said it's available ALL over the world, meaning turkey as well. So there's still a lot of hope for you that it's gonna work! =)

  • Lindsay


  • Lindsay

    why do you need to pull an all nighter? why not just set your alarm to a little before and wake up a little before and watch it? that's what I'd do if I where in that situation.

  • Kim

    Can I leave questions instead because I'm sure I'm gonna miss it? Will he be able to answer them?? Also, will the video be recorded? :)

  • Lidia

    what time is this in britain?

  • chelar

    What time will it be in Denmark or britain? And will it be on this site?? I NEED TO KNOW!

  • Bethanyyxx

    it'll be shown on this website yeah? x

  • Sami

    20th of April will be my favourite day of year!!

  • Bethanyyxx

    that's 10 am in britain right? or is it pm? xxx

  • Beckie Agudo
    Beckie Agudo

    oh yeah, can't wait for 20th

  • Kim

    I'm from the Philippines! Will it be available over here?? :(

  • rahrahx

    For all those Aussies out there i think it works out to be 7am on thursday morning (from Sydney anyway)

  • AC

    Just wondering, what time would it be in Hawaii?

  • Shalayah

    How long will it be?!?! I have the same problem of most everyone here... EFFING SCHOOL. I've already missed a lot due to illness and there's no way I'll be able to skip again. I. Need. To. See. This.

  • Kaytra

    FRICK! I am in school until 5:00 every day. I am a HUGE fan and I can't even freaking watch this. I'm so sad. Can someone PLEASE record it and put it on YouTube?

  • Caitlin Criss-Midgley
    Caitlin Criss-Midgley

    I lovveeee Darren Criss.. ♥

  • Allyson Cygan
    Allyson Cygan

    =D It's my birthday! it would totally make my day if he sang happy birthday to me in the first 45 minutes (since I have to go to work after that). It's also my golden birthday (turning 20 on the 20th) if that makes things more persuasive...

  • Aneena

    poor darren, he's gotta work on 4.20 :( i feel for ya

  • Jess

    same here :(

  • georgia

    What time would it be in Australia? 7am?

  • Julia L
    Julia L

    Is there any other, SAFER, way to submit numbers? It's extremely unsafe to post numbers on something as open as Twitter...

  • Madeline

    Can we direct message our number to Celebuzz? I don't want the world to know my phone number :/

  • Holly

    yeah, a different way to submit our numbers so the whole internet couldn't see them would be nice..

  • abbiebueno

    ...Do you guys hate me!? This will be at 2 o'clock for me and I'll still be in school cause I don't get off till 3. )':

  • Linor

    Wait, how do we enter our phone number? I'm new to twitter

  • Macki

    How should we submit numbers...? Twitter seems hectic, and it's really not my general thing. Is there any other way we could submit numbers?

  • Rachel Bassell
    Rachel Bassell

    when does it start? cuz i live in the eastern time zone of the us

  • Rachel Bassell
    Rachel Bassell

    oh my god, darren criss is my idol, its my dream to talk to him, but its at 5 am?? thank god im on spring break

  • Wes Ferguson
    Wes Ferguson

    The live stream will be available anywhere in the world :)

  • Wes Ferguson
    Wes Ferguson

    There is no fee to submit a question or phone number -- it's all through Twitter & Facebook.

  • Wes Ferguson
    Wes Ferguson

    Absolutely! All are welcome to join in. Just come to Celebuzz and there will be a direct link to the live stream -- you can comment through Twitter for Facebook.

  • Lisa

    I am watching!!!!!!! :) Good thing it is going to be 5pm for me! I feel bad for all the people who have class and can't watch!!! Yay! :)

  • Julia

    Julia Is there any other way to submit phone numbers? On twitter is just… not my thing. Ahhh IM EXCITED! Darren Criss! Hes supermegafoxyawesome hot AND totally awesome ;D

  • Julia

    Is there any other way to submit phone numbers? On twitter is just... not my thing. Ahhh IM EXCITED! Darren Criss! Hes supermegafoxyawesome hot AND totally awesome ;D

  • Shan

    Going to be in school for the first half hour, but I will RUN HOME to watch the rest. Also will probably start crying if he calls me.

  • Rachel

    how long will this be? cause i dont get home untill an hour after this starts.

  • Caitlin Criss-Midgley
    Caitlin Criss-Midgley

    Omigod.. :') I love Darren. He is my idol. !! rgfyuidkjhguyfhij!

  • Caitlin Criss-Midgley
    Caitlin Criss-Midgley

    Omigod. I cant wait im crying. My idol is Darren Criss. Im going to skip school just for this. <3 I hope its avalible in canada

  • Lisa

    This is gonna be awesome! I really hope it'll be available in Scotland :D Darren Criss ♥

  • P lessthanthree
    P lessthanthree

    Ya...that was what i was wondering...i think that day? idk..

  • Sherry

    Is there a way to send in our numbers not through Twitter? I would love a chance to talk to Darren but posting a personal phone number publicly online is a bit sketchy.

  • Rebecca

    Should we tweet questions and numbers now or wait for the chat when it is LIVE?

  • Ekin

    I am from TURKEY and it will be 12 pm for me, I would stay up all night even if I have TWO BIG EXAMS on 21th of April and I would try to write the number of the SIMcard I brought from UK with tiny hopes, BUT NO, it won't probably be available in Turkey. My creys. Oh God, how I pity myself. There are lots of lucky girls around and I'm not one of them. But all in all, thank you for doing this- it will be great for lots of people. Hopefully- for me, too.

  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes

    Darren you are an amazing human being for doing this for your fans.I would only give my phone # out on the net for you. Thank you Celebuzz for giving us this opportunity to see/hear Darren!!!

  • Raquel

    "is this available to people in Australia as well" <- are there countries that it will be NOT AVAILABLE? I'm in Brazil... Is it available here?

  • Lapry

    It'll be 11pm in Spain?? OMG I can't wait to see him!! I suposu that my cell wouldn't work, right? I'd love to hear Darren's voice in my phone!! I'll be waching for sure!!

  • Jenna

    LOL, lots of international DC fans. It'll be 11pm for me, and I will most definitely be watching. Hope it's long (like, an hour) and that Darren gets to answer lots of interesting, insightful questions from fans. Thanks for doing this Celebuzz!

  • Millie Johnston
    Millie Johnston

    This'll be... 10pm in the UK? I think... So, can you put in UK phone numbers? and how? and costs? :)

  • Jade Criss
    Jade Criss

    oh my, this is going to be 5am for me! argh, I'm gonna pull an all nighter! totally going to watch this.

  • Ariane

    is this available to people in Australia as better be or my heart will be shattered into tiny fragments of sadness