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With Coachella (and music festival season) right around the corner, Whitney Port writes on her official Celebuzz blog about how to achieve that perfect desert festival look.

For first time Coachella goers, packing can be a painful and confusing experience. You're told hundreds of different things from hundreds of different people and you end up with a bag overflowing with a little bit of everything. Well I'm going to make things easy for you -- KEEP IT SIMPLE! See below for my list of What To Wear Essentials. 1.    Comfortable shoes -- go with Converse or flats. Boots can be cute but you'll end up with pretty embarrassing tan lines and they can often get a bit hot. 2.    Flowy loose dresses -- these won't take up much room in your luggage and they're easy to move around in. Plus they're good in the heat. 3.    Shorts -- I would say bring one or two pairs of shorts (unless you are my sister Paige, who will end up bringing 10 pairs of jean shorts) 4.    Tanks and tees -- Maybe just your favorite of each. Remember, you'll only be there for three days and chances are you'll wear your day outfits into the evening.

Head on over to Whitney Port's official blog for more Coachella style tips and her complete Coachella photo album from years past!



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