22 Fun Facts About Robert Pattinson (PHOTOS)

In honor of Robert Pattinson’s big Water For Elephants premiere this Sunday, Celebuzz has created a gallery of all of our favorite facts out there about the heartthrob. Obviously most of you know R.Pattz from Twilight, but the talented star is trying to break out of his Edward Cullen shell. 

Here are some things, a few vampire tidbits included, that may help non Twi-hards get to know Rob on a more personal level:

We’re not talking the obvious (like he has a girlfriend named Kristen Stewart), but there are so many adorable and quirky aspects to R.Pattz’s personality, which is why we love him!

Plus, if you are one of those gals that thinks someday you can knock K.Stew out as his number one lady, then you’re going to need to know what Pattinson likes in women (or doesn’t like). Any hints as to what kind of shoes are a no-no for Rob? Click in to find out! 

Also, come back to Celebuzz for pics from Rob and Reese Witherpoon’s Water For Elephants premiere and check out the film April 22nd. Think Kristen will be in NYC with her man this weekend? Meantime, check out Rob and Reese pics from on set!