Fashion on the Fly: Demi Lovato's Lovely Louis Vuitton at LAX (PHOTOS)

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Looks like Demi Lovato is heading out of LA for the weekend, but the big question is -- where is she going?!

The Disney starlet was all smiles as she was seen clutching a fabulous Louis Vuitton bag as she made her way through the airport. And while we're not sure where she's jetting to, she is definitely doing it in style sporting a brown sweater and black scarf.

Check out all of Demi's airport chic look in the gallery and let us know what you think of her outfit by hitting up our Twitter or Facebook!



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  • jessica

    sophie, you're part of the reason she went to rehab. She's a healthy weight, which is something you rarely see in hollywood these days. She's happy. Do you really have to go around ruining people's lives? All it takes is one comment.

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  • crazyGirl

    I mean't beautiful

  • crazyGirl

    Sophie I want you to tell you that you're an IDIOT. Demi is beatufil, nice person with great voice.

  • Megan

    sophie ur a bitch, she looks amazing, healthy, and beautiful. It's ignorant people like you who think you have to be a size 0 to be "pretty" that are sending bad messages to people my age(14). (P.S.) Demi ur a real inspiring person & I really hope and pray you don't pay attention to people like sophie.

  • sophie

    she's fat..!