Giveaway Alert! Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair



The baby bump is definitely in this season -- it seems like everyone in Hollywood is pregnant! As these celebrities pepare for the arrival of their new bundle of joy, there are a few must-have items on the list! Diapers, onesies and the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair!

The Tripp Trapp chair comes in 12 different colors and features a unique design that provides the perfect seat at all times as your child growns. From a highchair to a regular chair, it gives a comfortable seat at any age.

Even Tori Spelling makes sure her kiddies are sitting comfortably and recently tweeted about the Tripp Trapp chairs.

Tori Spelling Tweet

One lucky winner will win a Stokke's Tripp Trapp plus Baby Set and a cushion, in a color of your choosing!

Here's how to enter: "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter and then tell us in the comments below: what is your favorite childhood memory? 

Contest ends April 22nd at 11:59 PT.

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  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    My favorite childhood memory is Halloween. Every year my mom and dad would take me and my younger sisters to this HUGE pumpkin patch and we'd take a hayride to pick out our pumpkins and apples. Then we would paint ceramic figures, and being an art major now, that was one of my favorite parts. After we'd go visit the farm area and our treat would be some apple cider or a caramel apple. Once we got home, my mom would get to work on her famous apple pie while our dad helped us carve pumpkins and bake pumpkin seeds. It was a time where we all came together that was so much fun and there was no fighting, I loved it every year.

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My favorite childhood memories are those spent with my grandparents. I would spend the week ends at their house and we'd always spend some great quality time together! I felt very safe and loved. lejn05 at yahoo dot com @momtoem

  • shawnalantz

    My favorite childhood memory would be the times that I would spend with my dad. I have always looked up to my dad and spent as much time with him even if that meant a trip to the junk yard, body shop, or working on a car. I would even pretend to be sick on some days when he was off work just so we could just have our father-daughter time. The funny thing is that today he feels that he didn't spend enough time with me but in my heart and mind he gave me all the time in the world. Not only do I have those great times but I can also change the oil in my car, build just about anything, and am a great handy...women :) to this day my dad and I work together on many projects. He has made me a great individual.

  • Michael Biondo
    Michael Biondo

    hmmm, my favorite childhood memory wood lol have 2 b dat i was given another chance at life 2 do sumtin unbearable, not done b4, n shine my ass off n get lots of moolah doin it 2, effectin otha people, wit my 3 strokes n death coma 4 a week rehabilatation...enjoy every1 while were still here, 1 life, 1 chance 2 change da history books

  • Nicole Werksman
    Nicole Werksman

    My favorite childhood memory is playing in the woods with my sister and friends. We'd go hiking, exploring, make forts, ect. Oh to spend long days outside playing again...

  • Tanya

    Some of my favorite memories as a child included hanging out with my grandparents. My mom's side of the family was always really close, but I was especially close with my grandmother and grandfather. I would request to have sleepovers and my granfather would take me on walks to see the "talking mailbox" -- little did I know at the age of 5 that is was him talking! My grandmother would teach me card games and just play. It was very simple, we just spent time together. It was exactly as it should be.

  • Marcela

    My favorite memories as a child was growing up in Chile, where the whole family would have the summer off and spend it at the beach, Maitencillo. We would have barbecue every day, walk to the beach to enjoy the sea and sand and all my cousins, friends and relatives would come down and play beach soccer, volleyball and build sand castles. No TV, or phone or computer were allowed, just us the family, good board games, books and memories ever.

  • abby1895

    My favorite childhood memory was the day my little sister was born! That was 13 years ago but i remember it clear as day. I was 4 years old and i was SO excited to finally meet my new sissy. I held her for hours in the hospital just talking to her and kissing her. Love her.