Happy Birthday, Emma Watson! Watch Her Evolution (PHOTOS)

Emma's Big Shoot
Watson films her first Lancome ad.
It’s hard to believe that little Hermione Granger … err, Emma Watson, is 21 years old today (April 15).

The world first got their glimpse of little Emma back in 2001 when she was just an 11-year-old British tot making her big screen debut in the first Harry Potter franchise. Eight magic-filled movies (well, nine if you count Deathly Hallows as two films) later, and Watson is a young adult with a glorious Hollywood career ahead of her. Box office success aside, Emma’s got quite a smart head on her shoulders, as she spent her recent years studying at Brown University. Beautiful and smart!

So, as a happy birthday present to Emma and all of her fans out there, celebrate with us by taking a journey through time.