Kim Kardashian’s Celebuzz Twitter-View: The Recap (PHOTOS)

Kardashian: True or False?
Test your knowledge of Kim, Kourt and Khloe!
The questions came pouring in for Celebuzz’s exclusive Twitter-view with Kim Kardashian, and the lovely Kim K was more than gracious when it came to answering the deepest inquiries from her fans.

Kim discussed pretty much everything, from the launch of her new fragrance Gold to the hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians and even if she has dating preferences for her younger brother Rob. Thankfully for her lil bro, Kim’s all about what makes him happy, as she told one fan during the Twitter-view: “As long as she treats him well and is supportive and loving, I don’t mind who @robkardashian dates!”

Want to find out everything Kim and her fans discussed? Hit the gallery above for a full recap! Then, if you still need even more Kardashian, do enjoy Kim’s best bikini moments in our gallery below: