Meet Justin Bieber and Help Him Build Schools (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber may be out of school and on the road, but he still understands the importance of education. 

The teen heartthrob has teamed up with Pencils of Promise (PoP) and posted a video (as first seen on Us magazine) to challenge his fans and society to help give back to education in a campaign called Schools4All. Bieber and nonprofit founder Adam Braun would like to see a slew of people make their own personal fundraising pages to raise money among their community so that Pencils of Promise can continue to build schools and educate others. 

"There are more than 75 million children without access to education, and together we can do something about it," the website reads. "Through our new Schools4All campaign, we're asking you to join the PoP movement that empowers lives around the world by building schools for children in need. It is by bringing together communities at home, that we can collectively impact communities abroad." 

The campaign runs from April 15th through June 30th, and one lucky participant will get a personal visit from Bieber himself at the school of their choice. 

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  • rainbowpanda

    AWWWWWW he's soooo cute

  • Ally

    Justin you do everything right all the time :) Listening to 'stuck in the moment' ;)

  • maisie x
    maisie x

    my heart lies with you justin x

  • maisie x
    maisie x

    justin, you may never be mine but i will always be yours. me an a whole bunch of others will be standing behind you, ready to catch you if you fall. ready to assure you if you doubt, ready to hug you if your sad. no matter how many fans are out ther, i will always be one of them and i will support you no matter what. i love you and my wish is to meet you one day. ily justin x

  • maisie x
    maisie x

    omg i dont think any1 realises how much i love justin bieber. bet ur thinking oh shes just another fan....i will always stand by him no matter which path he chooses to walk and i will hold is hand throughout his life, weather he can feel my hand in his or not. my dream is to sing with justin bieber as i like to sing myself. i am in lol with you justin and altho u may 1day read a comment of mine, you will probably forget it. if u even emailed me i would remember that day forever and it will stay with me for the rest of my days. big up the bieber, i love you x