Miley Cyrus ‘Happy’ to Hit the Road, But Not in the U.S.?

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As if Miley Cyrus didn’t have enough drama going on in her life, late last year it was announced that her parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus were separating.

However, things have been looking up since the two reconciled earlier this year, and Miley chatted a little bit about that as well as her upcoming Gypsy Heart Australian tour.

So, what did Miley have to say about her upcoming international tour?The 18-year-old singer told the Associated Press:

“I think it’s good, especially when you go on the road. You have to make sure everyone is happy before you start traveling, you’re away. My family is good. They are stoked for tour. As long as I’m happy they are happy.”

Traveling to South America (a first for Miley) was also a topic of discussion, as well as why she chose to go abroad to tour as opposed to staying stateside, as she added:

“I speak zero Spanish. I actually failed Spanish so I will have someone with me making sure I can get through my way. I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour or not. Right now I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America have done that for me. Kind of going to the places where I get the most love. Don’t want to go anywhere where I don’t feel completely comfortable with it.”

We’re sure fans would love to see Miley perform around these parts! Would you like to see her live? Let us know by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or sound off on Facebook!

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