One to Watch: Gabrielle Wortman Debuts ‘Don’t Let Me Lose Control’ (VIDEO)

Look out for Gabrielle Wortman! This rising star is a classically trained pianist, guitarist, and vocalist — and Celebuzz is proud to present her brand-new video right here. 

Gabrielle turns it out in her video for “Don’t Let Me Lose Control.” The  moody, dark and soulful song has been married with striking, yet simple visuals that deliver a stimulating experience. Plus, the song sounds really good and she’s pretty. What more do you want?!?

Gabrielle says:

“My music is an aural representation of the emotions I’ve frelt, the places I’ve been and the moments I’ve experienced. I just happen to have a deep fascination with the juxtaposition of urban-city life and the deep, swampy south. My fingers take the city approach and my voice has a hint of the humidity, I’d say.”

Her latest EP Voodoo is out now on iTunes. Watch the video for “Don’t Let Me Lose Control” and tell us what you think on our Twitter or join the conversation on Facebook