Penelope Cruz to Guest Star on ‘Glee’?

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Penelope & Javier Get Close
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Penelope Cruz admits that she and hubby Javier Bardem are “Gleeks”!

The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides star — who gave birth to a baby boy in January — gushed over the hit FOX show Glee, telling Entertainment Weekly:  “It’s actually the only thing that I watch on television.”

While the Oscar winner’s husband Javier has expressed interest in going on the singing series, Penelope says there’s another guest star she’s been supremely impressed with: 

 “Gwyneth [Paltrow] was amazing. … She was so funny and she has such an amazing voice. And once you’ve done a musical you always want to do it again.”

So can we expect a guest appearance from Penelope? She tells EW

“I would love to do more musicals, in TV or film. Not on Broadway, because I’m not brave enough to do that yet. But I love musicals.”

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In addition to her fondness for Glee, Penelope also chatted with EW about what it was like to be pregnant on the set of Pirate, and her need for a restroom. 

“[Director] Rob [Marshall] and Johnny [Depp] and [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer all really took care of me and made all the changes that were necessary to have total safety. … But they left Johnny and I on a deserted island with no bathrooms to do a helicopter shot. That for a pregnant woman can be a little bit of a problem. So for those few hours I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes. [Laughs] That was one of those things that you remember forever.”