Celebuzz’s Favorite Funny Faces of Darren Criss (PHOTOS)

Darren Criss' Best Funny Faces

While most people like to strike a fierce pose on the red carpet, Celebuzz loves that Glee star Darren Criss isn't afraid to show off his silly side!

Whether it's a scrunching his nose, sticking his tongue out or even doing a mid-air jump, the 24-year-old isn't afraid to ham it up for the cameras -- even at some of Hollywood's hottest events!

Check out some of his finest (i.e. silliest) red carpet moments (that only make us love him more) in the gallery. Don't forget to join Celebuzz's exclusive livestream with Darren on April 20 where he'll be singing, answering your questions and much more!



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  • Lucy

    what a handsome man!!

  • Felicity

    no words to describe how totally awesome this man is!

  • Sandy Harris
  • erinneleigh

    why is this in "The best funny faces"? i find it to be a very normal, and very happy smile :D

  • erinneleigh

    the fact he has a bowtie just makes everything better :)

  • Katie

    Oh, hi, AVPM outfit! I've missed you so much! Darren, you win about a million points for remembering what got you started and made tons of us love you in the first place.

  • gleek1

    I forgive him because he sings and plays stunning i,m glad do u well :p

  • gleek1

    is giving an attack or :p