Couple Alert! Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Go for a Ride

On-again, off-again couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were easy riders this weekend!

The couple was seen riding their bikes around North Hollywood, squashing rumors that they have call it quits once again.

The two met on the set of their 2007 movie Jumper and got engaged in December the following year. However, the summer of 2010, Rachel and Hayden announced that the engagement was called off but declined to give any other details.

Now, the actors are back together, engagement ring not included this time. 



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  • eloiseplaza

    Oh yeah. They look real together. There's one bike, she looks bored out of her mind, and the photos don't even show them, you know, TOGETHER. What a fun couple they must be. Always fighting and breaking up and then looking miserable even when they are supposed to be "together." Maybe they are just meant for each other, like a little celebrity vacuum in which nothing of any subtance at all exists. And who bike rides down Sepulveda Blvd in Sherman Oaks anyway?? They could have gone up to Griffith Park or out to Larchmont or somewhere near where she lives in Los Feliz but what the hell? SHERMAN OAKS? GOsh, you think this is a papparazzi stunt or something? Hey! Let's go biking in one of the ugliest and most built up areas of LA so photographers can take pictures and people can say we're together! Because when we're not, no one at ALL seems actually to care about us or go see our movies.

  • kyuubi

    Hayden should move on, if she wasn't ready to marry him then, she won't be ready to marry him in the future. And she WON'T move to Canada to live on his farm either!