33 Fun Facts About James Franco on His Birthday! (PHOTOS)

Franco's Twitpics
It was fun while James Franco's Twitter lasted.
James Franco has established himself as one quirky, interesting dude. So, as he celebrates his 33rd birthday today (April 19), it’s worth taking a bit of time to get to know 33 interesting little tidbits about James.

Sure, you already know he hosted the Oscars (and didn’t fare so well), and that his last movie was Your Highness … but what about why he was arrested in high school? Or speaking of school, what subject was he a genius in? Where gigantic company was he offered an internship at because of his smarts? Oh, there’s those, and so much more to learn.Unfortunately, Mr. Franco made his Twitter account private, so his fantastic stream of doodles and quotes isn’t available on this fine day.

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