Biggest Diet Myth BUSTED by ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ Pro Dr. Ian Smith (VIDEO)

Celeb Fit!
Celebrities working out.
Shirtless Celebrity Beefcakes
Buff Hollywood bods on full display.
There are no excuses for a poor diet. Just ask Dr. Ian Smith, he wrote the book — literally! 

The author of eight books — including his newest tome Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution — and trainer to the stars on Celebrity Fit Club talked to Celebuzz about the biggest diet myths, his biggest celebrity challenges (he famously went toe-to-toe with Gary Busey) and why it’s ok to have a cupcake for breakfast! Whaaaat?!?

Watch the video interview below:

Dr. Smith is also the man behind the The 50 Million Pound Challenge, which is a national health initiative encouraging people to come together and take control of their health by getting fit, losing excess weight and turning back the deadly toll of weight-related diseases.