Katy Perry Steps Out in Flapper Fashion at Coachella (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry hung up the latex for a weekend and stepped out in a loose fitting getup for the Coachella music festival this weekend.

The pop star tweeted little music reviews throughout the festival. Katy was especially fond of a Swedish pop star, writing:

She later tweeted a review of indie group Empire of the Sun, saying they were "kinda beyond what you could ever imagine." Lastly, she expressed her excitement for Kanye West, writing:
 "And then Kanye played all the hits and we were #living!"
Kanye is featured on Katy's song "ET."


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  • sunnyroberto

    She never looks happy. That's what happens when you're married to a low life dirt bag who sucks the life out of you, the way a vampire prospers by sucking the blood from dying innocents.

  • noah

    A magical place where unicorns fart glitter.

  • rainbowpanda

    WAT IS COACHELLA?????????????????????

  • Rebecca Honey
    Rebecca Honey

    Katy Perry has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to real women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy! I’m not skinny, I’m curvy, but I think that’s the best way to be. Womanly. It’s sexy!

  • Lazerov

    Love Katy Perry, very attractive and sexy. She is stunningly gorgeous. Now she has to drop that ugly horse’s ass husband of hers, Russell Brand. It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.