Kim Stewart Shows Off Her Bump for the First Time (PHOTOS)

It was just last week that the celebrity-watching world was stunned by pregnancy news of Kim Stewart and Benicio Del Toro, and now the first visual evidence of said pregnancy is here.

Kim was spotted out in Hollywood on Sunday night with her super-famous father Rod and brother Sean. The Stewarts made a night of it as they dined out at Il Sole Restaurant, and as they made their exit, photographers snapped away s Kim, showing a little sign of a bump underneath her silver flowy dress, made her way to a car.

In the statement confirming the pregnancy news, Kim and Benicio made it clear that they are not a couple, but that Benicio "is very supportive."

Both have been linked to a number of celebs, with Kimberly rumored to have dated Jude Law and was previously engaged to former Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero. Benicio is also known for being somewhat of a lothario, after his infamous (and intimate) elevator ride with Scarlett Johansson, several years ago after the 2004 Oscars.



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  • narla72

    Kimbo you finally got what you wanted being knocked up by an A-lister and this is how you will stay relevant - idiot! How sad it is you lot are fawning over her - what has she done except live off her daddy's money and sleep with famous men - how tragic!

  • Tellar Calcagno
    Tellar Calcagno

    I am sure they will be great parents. I’m so happy for Kimberly. She must be over the moon!

  • Shakira

    Love Kimberly Stewart!! She deserves to be so happy and have lots of babies. Really lovely girl.

  • Megan Salmon
    Megan Salmon

    Woooo! I’m so excited for her!