Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Kiss in New York! (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson wrapped up his Water for Elephants premiere night with a little love from  his lady, as he was spotted kissing girlfriend Kristen Stewart in a car while in New York City.

Pattinson and Stewart, who have never confirmed their relationship in public despite most people assuming they're indeed an item, didn't walk the red carpet together at the Elephants premiere. Kristen had reportedly been secretly escorted in without anyone noticing.

Months ago, the two were spotted kissing while in Canada together (See the photos here!). Kristen was filming On the Road at the time in Montreal.

Pattinson is in New York City on a press tour for Water for Elephants, which is released on April 22. On Monday morning, he made his way to Today, where he sat with Matt Lauer for an interview in which he said that Twilight shooting in Vancouver had wrapped. In Elephants, Pattinson takes a job at a circus, and he told Lauer a sad story about his first experience at a big-top:

"The first time I went to the circus, someone died. A clown died. … His little car exploded. The joke car exploded. … It was terrifying [and] the only time I’ve ever been to a circus."

At the premiere on Sunday evening, a Celebuzz insider said that Stewart was waiting in secrecy at the premiere, and "was planning on walking carpet but was pressed for time. She kept craning her neck for Rob to walk in and the moment he did, a huge proud smile came across her face!" The two were supposedly "very touchy feely" and "came out holding hands and smiling." In fact, in a fan video of the two leaving the premiere, Kristen can be seen holding onto Rob's arm as they  head towards their car. Watch it here:


What do you think about the kiss? The photos are setting off a commenting storm on our Facebook page. Join in on the conversation! User Ornella Isabella Santilli is overjoyed, saying:

While Blanca Garza says Kristen should loosen up:
"I find it annoying that she keeps hiding her face and he's all smiles and giggles..i would be kissing all over him no shame! :)"
Pattinson recently set female hearts aflutter when he revealed his hopes to get a family going. “I’d love to have a family” RPattz told the Chicago Sun-Times during an interview, adding that he'd like to have kids "sometime in the future."

Watch an Elephants premiere video below, and be sure to check out new stills from the film that Celebuzz brought to you last week!:



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  • Moushlihulhuda

    But they made a major F*** up with the headline it shloud actually state Wedding of NEXT year'.. considering they aren't making Breaking Dawn until then. and it could even be WEDDING OF THE YEAR.. but not for another TWO years' .. bla bla bla Really, ladies.. and I see many of the same names popping up.. we shloud (and I know I am already) LAUGHING great publicity is free publicity!! and what a crock of doggie do it all is! .

  • Auth

    dit :hello robert est ce que vous aimer toi pi krsiten parce-que j`ai vue sur internet que c`e9tait la fin entre vous deux pi vous faite un bon cloupe emsenble j`espere que sai pas vrai tout e7a !!!!

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  • deein stlouis
    deein stlouis

    where is rob now? have not seen him since sag awards!!

  • EdwardLover44

    OMG!! perfect vampire romance..i still stay under the impression that Rob is still a vampire!! i was too pulled into the books and movies!!

  • Vicky Wang
    Vicky Wang

    exactly! they're kind of low key...

  • Vicky Wang
    Vicky Wang

    well,if you watch the video,you'll see they were not actually kissing.the truth is that when Kristen turned to Rob,he leaned to her and tried to kiss Kristen...but Kristen then quickly turned around and blushed! they're just so cute~Go Robsten!

  • Karina

    He looks adorable in this one

  • mikko

    i hope we meet each other someday

  • mikko

    hi robert you are very handsome im very jelous about you and kristen stewart

  • lex

    yeah sure the big bad summit ent. told kristen to fly to new york not be seen until they leave the premiere and kiss but not really kiss him. do you people listen to yourselves summit doesnt have alot of power and money to go up against a big studio like fox also its illegal for a studio to do that now jeez

  • Revz

    what if all this is just publicity stunts to get ppl to watch breaking dawn??? hmmmm...they always get like this on the verge of a new twilight release

  • LoveRobsten

    The man is not only gorgeous but so deep,thoughtful and talented. I LOVE his voice. I hope he writes and sings more songs. I loved 'Never Think' Those two are a very talented couple and beautiful inside and out.

  • Steff17

    great couple!!

  • edwardbella2

    luv the way he thinks about life,the right way and the true as well as perfect way.

  • katelyn.a.nie

    i love these guys and wish they would just come out and say they are dating... but this isn't really proof of a kiss, it almost looks like the kiss they were going to do for the MTV movie awards when they won for best kiss from Twilight... rehearsed and practiced, just trying to pull a trick on us... however i'm sure there were lots of real kisses behind closed windowless doors

  • edwardbella2

    Finally it's confirmed they are together,and that's a heartwarming news for me.I am overflowing with joy.GUD LUCK ROBSTEN!!!!

  • bones

    Oh, they so did kiss!! just look at the videoo!! <33 Poor Kristen.. she always has to be on her toes becuse of the stupid paparazzi!! and that makes it seem like she doesn't like him! and that's so not true! <3 :)

  • bones

    If u watch one of the videos, u can see what happened.. Rob kissed Kris, but she turned her face to the window.. it's not very clear, so u can't really see if he kissed her or just tried but.. it was ment to be kiss, anyways ;) <3

  • bones

    Yeah, I think she has a ring.. but it's not a wedding ring.. wrong finger ;) but I totally agree with u! no matter what the say, that is a kiss! ;) <3

  • natural

    He's with Kristen in your face nonstens get over it

  • katherine

    Rob is such a tease

  • tatts09

    today i'm not gonna be a bitch..i'm just gonna say that is is getting old and they are bumping uglies,,whoofreakingpiee..i bet there are loads of people who are over this whole twilight saga and the debate of "are they or aren't they a couple"...i know i'm one of them...

  • visha

    they are so in love together....

  • crizo

    pictures dont lie i think the video is going to fast so people think she pulls herself from him but thi is a real kiss more from him like he needed it

  • noah

    Where is the one commenter who always claims KStew is a lesbian? I'd like to get her opinion now that these tongue-hockey pics have been posted.

  • lowell

    awww Robert Pattinson's first kiss with a girl. He did well pretending to be into it. He likes the boys.

  • anne

    that is so sweet! :) rob is so sexy :)))))

  • Sparkle

    Yep they'll be no other for these two. It's been there since the beginning go back and see the on set candid twilight pics from 2007 and you'll agree the magic remains -it was always there. Rob sill looks at Kristen with adorantion and love. In beteen there have been nasty rumors stories all not true so glad they weren't. Rob even said himself there is not a single true story about him out there. Twilight was just that awesome because of these two. Anyone else could have played the part and twilight would have just been another movie but put these two together and you have something special magical that can not be matched never will be. Thank you kristen and rob for twilight take care of each other best of luck you to you both u give us hope. great things happen when you believe & dreams do come true good day

  • crizo

    hey people above she has a RING on her finger and if this is not a kiss i dont know what it is??

  • Rob

    He's so in love with Kristen. Rob is beaming.

  • sydsouth

    * Oh, and for girlie up top, it doesn't matter if they don't make actual contact, thats a classic: I'm about to go num num, on your face right now look. * =}

  • sydsouth

    * lolz If you like weed that smells delicious and is so sticky you put it on the wall and it stays on the wall for hours, come to my state, Arizona!!! * -sorry, just saying. But yeah they look together. =}

  • kiss

    Amazing couple!!


    Dude, seriously, they look way hot together in these photos. I usually think they are an odd couple together, but there's like sex lasers shooting out between them.

  • bimbom

    and one more strange thing.why her make-up stylist give for all world a hint , that she is going to be there?

  • Robster

    Rob dont need a whore to promote his movie

  • Dan

    And he somkes weed soo y are stupid

  • bimbom

    in video obviously can see they don't even touch their lips, it's so fake, they did it because they know they were filming. every time u see "kissing" pictures she turns her face, like now, why? because she knows she is observed sorry for my english.

  • bones

    there's another picture that says more :)

  • idaolivia

    :) love it!!!!

  • em

    oh shut up you Krisbian!!! He doesn't need her to promote his movie, SHE tagged along in NY to stalk him!

  • adriana

    that's not a kiss lol! i love this alleged couple but the fact that he went in and then she turned away from it makes it look like he was just trying to tease photographers to promote his movie

  • Tellar Calcagno
    Tellar Calcagno

    Love Rob! He is so hot!

  • Johanna (Swedish Amazon)
    Johanna (Swedish Amazon)

    Robert Pattinson is just so cute and gorgeous! Even though I have a boyfriend, I’d still be a cougar for him! OMG I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!! OH YEAH BABY!!! :)

  • Teuta

    Robert Pattinson is a wonderful guy, extremely handsome, and has an accent. For all you guys out there, be headstrong. Girls like strong men that aren’t afraid to show their true feelings at times. We need to know you’re reliable, say what you mean, and will always take care of us.