The Meet & Greet: Say Hello to ‘William and Kate’ Star Louise Linton!

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Welcome back to Celebuzz’s  The Meet & Greet, where we sit down and chat with rising young stars of film, television and music before they hit the big time. Watch out for these future A-listers!

Meet Louise Linton—she isn’t simply a gorgeous Scottish face on Lifetime’s much anticipated movie William and Kate. But did you know this actress is also in law school and is getting her pilot’s license? Oh, and what is her Charlie Sheen connection? Come on in and meet the super sweet Louise!

How did you get started in this crazy business in the first place?
I was studying at Pepperdine University, that was my in into this country and I had come here with the intention of being an actress because I wanted to do that since I was six. I booked my first three auditions! That was about three years ago and my first job was CSI: NY, my second job was Lions for Lambs and my third job was a horror film called The Echo. It’s been a really nice ascent since then. I have sort of just been riding the wave! 

Did you finish at Pepperdine?
Yes, I am just finishing law school this year.  

Okay, so William and Kate. Tell us about your character
I play Vanessa Rose Bellows… the movie follows us from age 18 to 27 when they get engaged. And the relationship between all of us on set made me feel like we were in The Breakfast Club. Vanessa is very grounded, down to earth and a tomboy. Her hair is always in a ponytail, she doesn’t wear much make up and she is always the voice of truth. I think that she definitely has the courage to tell Kate the honest truth about how she is being perceived by the rest of the country. She has no problem telling Kate the hard things that are very harsh. She is also not impressed by ‘the royals’ and she is really looking out for Kate’s happiness. While some of the dialogue that I read could have been construed as her being mean or jealous, she really is actually willing to bite the bullet and tell the truth because she actually does care about her friend and wants her to be happy. She doesn’t want her to be married or not married if it’s going to make her friend unhappy.

Did you meet the real Vanessa?
No. And actually all of the friend’s names are made up. They have to be because they are private people – not public figures so they cannot really be their real names just in case they are misrepresented in the movie because that could cause legal problems.

There’s the law student in you! So what else can we see you in?
She Wants Me with Charlie Sheen and Hillary Duff, that’s a comedy. I play Jessica, sort of the girl next door, the other woman who steals the lead guy away from the girl. 

Is the guy Charlie Sheen…?
No! It’s a different guy thankfully! It’s sort of like the movie Love Actually. There are multiple story lines all going on at the same time and there are a lot of love triangles. That role was very fun and frivolous role, not one of my more serious characters but still great fun. I am in bikinis in most of the scenes. 

Did you get to meet Charlie at all?
He was really professional [on set]. This was actually a couple days after the New York [Plaza] incident. He was great and the movie went really well and I think he was quite happy to be apart of it.

Do you have any celebrity crushes?
Let me think, I have to support my boys from Scotland so I would have to say James Macavoy. He is so dreamy and of course Sean Connery from his younger days. 

So naturally we have to ask then…are you single?
Let’s just say I am dating! I am not in anything serious for the first time in a long time. I am enjoying it!